A Great Bridal Party Leads to a Great Party

I’ve often said that much of the dance floor success at a wedding is attributable to the Bride and Groom. If they are up dancing a lot of the night their family and friends are more likely to respond to that and join the celebration. The same can be said for the bridal party. They can often be the catalysts to get the dance floor really hopping. I’ll take a wild and crazy bridal party over the alternative any day.

Given those facts, I knew Linda and Vincent’s wedding on July 20th at The Primavera Regency in Stirling was going to be a great night as soon as I met their bridal party. I already knew Linda and Vincent were a cool, fun couple, but when their bridal party had us teaching them the dance to “Crank That” and playing Chris Brown’s “Forever” so they could practice what dance moves they were going to use when they were introduced¬† (all before the wedding ceremony started) that’s when I knew this would be a special night.

Teaching Linda and Vincent’s bridal party the dance to “Crank That”

And it was. From Linda’s father giving a welcoming speech that ended with the whole room chanting “Lin – Vin” to the dance floor that was packed all night long, this was an unforgettable wedding. And I was beyond thrilled when Linda gave me this amazing review on Wedding Wire:

The Gobo display for Linda and Vincent


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