Alex Cameron’s Top New Songs for November 2016

Alex Cameron’s Top New Songs for November 2016
alex-cameron-elite-entertainment-2November’s going to give us some of the best songs of the year! This month features Bruno Mars, Macklemore, Maroon 5 and some local talent that you should check out the next time you’re in Asbury Park. Let’s see what the best new songs of November:
Drake takes another shot at Kid Cudi and Pusha T, which I think are the “two birds” he talks about. This song is not exactly “One Dance” but it’s another popular one for Drake. Kanye West is even credited on this.
The real Slim Shady can still stand up! The song has got some serious “bars”. There is a lack of beat in the background which is why it is so low on my list but Eminem can seriously rap. This song is really long and really random at times. That is no surprise from him but does it mean Eminem will be running for president in 2020? Maybe, we’ll see!
Everyone has gone through a tough break-up before. Little Mix has got the same sound like all female group, “Fifth Harmony”. “Shout Out to My Ex” goes out to all who don’t need their exes. Be a better person without them. You’re better off without them! This song is very Taylor Swift-esque in a sense because it’s about Gigi’s ex, Zayn Malik and it also feels like the Icono Ppo from a few years ago “I Don’t Care.”  That song featured Charli XCX which happens to be the next entry . . .
So what usually happens after the afterparty? I honestly hope it’s the after-afterparty. This song is about never ending the party. “Broccoli” producer, Lil Yachty is featured on this song and adds a little flare to a fun song.
Christmas came a little early this year. Arguably the best acapella group in the world, Pentatonix is back with their Christmas album a month before the holidays. They want to make sure you’re blasting this song when December 25th comes around. Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” has had many renditions but this may be the best one yet! An early Christmas gift for all!
Without a doubt, the most emotional song on my list this month. Macklemore, a former drug addict and alcoholic educates the world about his serious condition and that this is not a path anyone should endure. One lyric, “The devils they keep on talking to me”, discusses his relapse back in 2014. This song is deep and I highly suggest you check it out. 
Maroon 5 is jumping on slow jam bandwagon with “Don’t Wanna Know”. A tropical song that talks about getting over a girl who was unhealthy and manipulative and she’s moved on. Clearly Adam Levine “don’t wanna know” what she’s doing. Not the best song by Maroon 5 but sometimes you have to create what’s prevalent these days. Kendrick Lamar is an excellent addition to this song with his powerful lyrics about how he has the only one who could really satisfy her. Most of Maroon 5’s songs are sex also. 
The Monmouth County native makes her way to the top of my list this month. If you haven’t heard of Taylor Tote yet, you definitely need to check out this video. She has got the intangibles to become a superstar with a “wide, emotional vocal range and pop sensibilities”. “Fighter” is a beautiful song shouting out to any kid who is fighting cancer or anyone who’s looking for motivation to get through a tough obstacle. Facts about childhood cancer are also shown throughout the video. You’d be surprised by some of these facts (Ex: Worldwide, a child diagnosed with cancer every 2 minutes.) The video finishes off with the beloved firemen of Middletown, Lincroft, Leonardo, and Port Monmouth, getting their head shaven from kids who have cancer and in memoriam of the local children who lost the battle to cancer. The best part about this song is that it’s available on iTunes and 100% goes toward childhood cancer research!!
Just a few short months ago, the sizzling Chainsmokers released their biggest hit single, “Closer”. This October we got another taste of their new style and new music. “All We Know” keeps up with the same future bass style that features Drew of the Chainsmokers (again) and Phoebe Ryan on vocals. Their new EP will be out very soon and fans can’t wait to hear their last song which is poised to make this album epic. 
It’s never a surprise to see Bruno Mars on my list. He is a hit-maker providing us with another 80’s R&B throwback. “24K Magic” is picking up where “Uptown Funk” left off. It’s a great party starter and fans are loving it so far. I don’t see it living up to “Uptown Funk’s” standards but it’s a great single that’ll keep the flow going on his next album. 
Best Missed Songs of 2016
So a lot of times, songs just go over our heads. We don’t really give them that much attention because they’re not big yet, or had enough radio time. I went back and found these gems that you might have missed this year!


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