Alex’s Monthly Music Picks for June 2016

Alex’s Monthly Music Picks for June 2016
Alex Cameron weighs in with his Monthly Music Picks for June 2016
Alex Cameron weigns in with his Monthly Music Picks for June 2016

May was an eventful month. Baseball season has officially gotten into full “swing”, wedding season has started to pick up, and there has finally been summer weather! I couldn’t be happier. Lots of summer hits came out in May and we’ll have to find  out which one takes the top spot.

Red Hot Chili Peppers have always been known for their excellent music. Red Hot Chili PeppersTheir new album is set to be released next month and you’ll definitely want to pick that up. For now we’ll enjoy Anthony Kiendis on this track until the rest of this highly anticipated album comes out!
This song is another hit off of Flume’s first studio album “Skin”.  ‘Say it’ has a Very chill future bass sound to with an excellent addition of Tove Lo on vocals. One of my favorite songs off his new album.
If you watch this clip, I think you’ll see why they’re dancing to this song. I thoroughly enjoy that it has a good-vibe feel. I enjoy all songs that make you feel good and make you want to dance. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t dance like these kids if you were in this environment.
Fresh off his eighth studio album, Dierks Bentley is at it again with his summer vibes. This song will definitely make you wish you were “somewhere on a beach” instead of in an office cubicle.
If this song was more appropriate, me and another up and coming Elite MC, Thomas Tito Williams, would have dropped this song at the prom last weekend. Expect the kids to request this a lot. (Obviously the Clean Version)
This is most likely my favorite song of Jason’s since “Don’t Wanna Go Home”. It’s very upbeat much like his previous music and I really like it. The “Talk Dirty to Me” singer will definitely get you in the groove this summer with “If It Ain’t Love”!
Cash Cash were one of the first EDM artists I ever listened to. This doesn’t have the traditional sound of Cash Cash and I like that about it. I love hearing producers experiment outside of their comfort zone. “How to Love” has a got a very tropical sound to it and is one of my top summer songs already.
Even if you’re not a fan of EDM, this music video is so funny. Dillon is a comedic genius. The track takes the best of both artists’ talents – with the melodic synth across the verse section reminiscent of Francis’ older moombahton hits, and the drop taking the filthiest of NGHTMRE’s hard hitting style and infusing it with a bit of bounce. I used this song in my recent podcast which it attached at the bottom. Check it out!
Ariana Grande just released her album, ‘Dangerous Woman’ this month and it is awesome. Into You is going to be another huge song for her. My brother, Jake showed me this song a couple of days ago, and I trust his judgement on good music. Expect to hear this song this summer. a lot.  You could say I’m really INTO this song. (Pardon my corniness…)
This is an obvious one. This song has been infectious since Day One. Without a doubt, the song of the summer. Elite will be playing this song all summer long. Thank you once again Justin.
This kid is 19 years old…and he can already produce amazing tracks. He is definitely an up and coming future house producer that you’ll see on the main stage very soon. He is currently being taken under Tiesto’s wing and is guiding him to stardom. They are currently working on a collaboration and it was previewed at Ultra Miami this year and it’s amazing. Can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve.
Be sure to check out my new podcast on my mixcloud! If you like what you hear, give me a follow! Enjoy!


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