Brad and Sophie’s Truly Remarkable Wedding Day

Brad and Sophie’s Truly Remarkable Wedding Day

This past Saturday I had the honor and pleasure to DJ and MC for Brad and Sophie.  This is a truly remarkable couple and their family and friends helped make it a great celebration. The ceremony and reception was held at McLoone’s Pier House which makes this the second weekend in a row working at a McCloone’s facility.  The staff at The Pier House is awesome.  Blaire and Nelson and everyone on down are all true professionals.

During Brad and Sophie’s ceremony their Rabbi quoted scripture by saying “Thou shalt be joyful in thou celebrations” and I think everyone took those words to heart.  It was a joyful day for everyone!

A shot from my iPhone of Brad and Sophie's ceremony
A shot from my iPhone of Brad and Sophie’s ceremony


One of the things that stands out for me about Brad and Sophie’s wedding was the diversity.  Brad is Jewish and Sophie is Chinese and so there was this great mix of cultures and languages all day long.  Sophie even changed into traditional Chinese wedding attire and Brad did the same.  They then took the microphone and told everyone why they loved their spouse.  It was a truly heartwarming moment.


Speaking of heartwarming moments I took a picture of one that happened right in front of me.  Brad’s grandmother was so into the party that she sat down next to the dance floor.  But she wasn’t just sitting.  She was hand clapping and smiling and having a great time.



I recorded the finale 45 minutes at Sophie and Brad’s wedding.  Sophie had given me a few Chinese songs to play and as I coming out of the last one I noticed it was 128 BPMs so I was able to beat mix out of it and listening back I’m really happy with that segue. From there it was all requests from Brad and Sophie to finish the day. We stuck the bouquet toss in towards the end based on the Sophie and Brad’s request so you’ll hear that which was actually convenient because it gave me a chance to drop BPMs then build back up to the big finish.  You can listen to that set by clicking here.

Congratulation Brad and Sophie!  It truly was an honor being a part of your awesome celebration!

As I typically do a few weeks after my weddings I reached out to Brad and Sophie and asked them if they’d consider writing me a WeddingWire review.  Since I’d also dealt with Bradley’s mom Sharon in the planning process I included her in my email.  This is a career first for me – 3 review from one wedding :-)


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