Bridal Show at The Water’s Edge

Merri-Maker’s location in Sea Bright, The Water’s Edge, has long been one of our favorite venues.  If you’ve ever been in the upstairs banquet room, overlooking the waves of the Atlantic Ocean crashing into the surf, you’ll know why.  It doesn’t hurt of course that the banquet staff recommends us and so we play there very often.  In fact when Dominic Sestito and Sarina Colletti get married this Spring, their ceremony and reception will be at The Water’s Edge.

So you can imagine how happy we were when we got the news a few weeks ago that Merri-Makers had renewed their lease and opened up their 2013 calendar.

American Bride produced a fantastic Bridal Show this past weekend to announce this news to the local wedding community.  The turnout was phenomenal and it certainly looked like the banquet staff was starting to fill those 2013 dates aggressively.  We got to do our showcase and the response was awesome.  We had a packed dance floor the whole time, even at 3:30 in the afternoon.  Right after our show there was a wonderful fashion show with dresses from True Love Bridals.  John Pacetti, owner of South Street Studio Professional Photography and Videography (formerly Timeless Studio) got some great pictures of the day.

If you haven’t seen us at a bridal show, we highly recommend it.  We have a full schedule of shows coming up which you can find right here: List of Upcoming Shows

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