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Autism Speaks Fundraiser in Queens

My brother Brian has two wonderful boys.  His oldest, my nephew James, is autistic and having a child on the spectrum has made my brother a passionate promoter and fundraiser for Autism Speaks. He’s created a group he calls “The James Gang” and their fundraising efforts have included walk-athons and, in the last few years,…

Elite Showcases at Monmouth University

We performed at our penultimate bridal show of the season Sunday at Monmouth University.  We’ve been busy since the beginning of the year, showcasing almost once a week, so it feels good to be wrapping things up.  Bridal Shows are a great way to meet some future couples but they are also a lot of…

We’ve Always Been LGBT Friendly

  I’m one of those guys who likes to post their political opinions on Facebook because I’ve always loved a good debate.  And thanks to Facebook’s “On This Day” feature I get to re-read some of my posts that go way back.  One of my favorite ones is from December of 2009 when I took…

This Is What We Call Extreme Vetting

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Extreme Vetting and while we’ll keep our political opinions to ourselves (well, some of us talk about them on Facebook) we want to say we completely and totally agree with Extreme Vetting . . . when it comes to hiring a DJ for your wedding.  In fact,…

Kate and Jason Get Married at The Shadowbrook

My very first wedding of 2017 was this weekend at The Shadowbrook in Shrewsbury.  Kate and Jason got married there (we provided the music for the ceremony) then celebrated with their family and friends.  I worked very closely with this couple and they had some specific requests but they also left a lot of the…


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