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Alex Cameron’s Top New Songs For October 2016

Only 7 more months until it’s summer again! But there’s always the end of the year to look forward to. I mean we’ve got Halloween (I get to dress like a Power Ranger again), Thanksgiving (my favorite meal), and Chrismahanakwanzika (Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa).  And we’ve always got new music to look forward! Let’s see what new songs…

Alex’s Monthly Music Picks for June 2016

May was an eventful month. Baseball season has officially gotten into full “swing”, wedding season has started to pick up, and there has finally been summer weather! I couldn’t be happier. Lots of summer hits came out in May and we’ll have to find  out which one takes the top spot. 10.) Dark Necessities by…

Does Dinner Music Really Matter?

Years ago I met with a couple to discuss the music at their wedding (like I do with every couple I work with).  The bride-to-be was very talkative and involved, making lots of requests (all great dance songs).  She was obviously enthusiastic about the upcoming reception and very into the music.  The groom-to-be, not so…

Suggestions for Music During Your Cocktail Hour

I saw Jon Taffer (he of Bar Rescue fame) speak to a roomful of DJs recently.  His topic was the importance of music and at one point he said, “there is no such thing as background music.  There is lower volume music, but never background music.”  As a DJ who feels every song I play…

Best Songs of 2015

Time for my year end music review. I think 2015 was a fun year in pop music. Lots of great new songs that will certainly be dance-floor-fillers for many years to come. And while there were some disappointments like Madonna’s new one and Pitbull and Chris Brown combining to release “Fun” (which never worked for…


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