Daniel “DannyDlux” Ballester

“The Rush of Awesomeness!”  That’s what Danny told us is the best part about being a DJ.  And we couldn’t agree more.  There are moments at every party where the energy level is insane and the crowd is begging for more and we as the DJs are the epicenter of it all.  And if there are four better words to describe that feeling than “The Rush of Awesomeness!”  we haven’t heard them.

Danny comes from a family that loves to throw parties so early on he was introduced to the joys of hosting and organizing events.  Because of his love for music it often fell to him to program the night.  What he discovered was that he had a natural talent for this.  So when his family and friends encouraged him to turn this hobby into a profession it was a logical next step.

Danny shares the trait that every Elite Entertainer has, he loves to make people happy.  He tells us his DJ style is “open format”  and that he likes “having the ability to cater to everyone in the room regardless of age, race or gender.”  He also enjoys infusing that mix with a “Latin flavor.”  When asked if he speaks Spanish, Danny says, “un poquito – enough to make a few announcements.”  So while he’s not bi-lingual he can certainly infuse his MCing (like his DJing) with a “Latin flavor.”

Danny is a music lover at heart.  He goes to concerts and music festivals whenever he can.  And in the summer you’ll often find him in The Bronx cheering on his beloved Yankees.  A father of 2, he works during the day on the railroad and at night DJing  (which means he’s always getting people moving.)

Danny is an awesome addition to the Elite staff and his schedule fills quickly so if you want this great DJ at your next event book him now!

Send a Text Message | 1.888.354.8380 | 2 Hartford Dr, Suite 106, Tinton Falls 07701
Hours: Mon-Thu: 9am-8pm, Fri: 9am-5pm, Sat: 10am-3pm