Daniel Mueller

There are many paths people take to becoming a DJ.  Daniel seems to have taken them all.   Radio DJ in college?  Yeah, he did that?  Musician in a band?  Check. Producing dance tracks in a home studio?  Yup!  Which makes Daniel one of the more well-rounded DJs you’ll ever meet.

Of his radio background, Daniel explains: “I was fortunate enough to host radio shows at WFDU in college. I hosted classic country programs, blues programs and alternative rock programs. I’m always looking for fun new tracks / remixes….. introducing people to new artists.”  And when reminiscing about his band days, Daniel tells us, “I grew up playing guitar, bass, trumpet and a few other noisy instruments.  I played in bands from middle school through college.  But once everyone started working, getting together for practices and shows got harder and harder.”  It was around this time that Daniel discovered dance music.  He says, “I started getting into electronic music and became fascinated with electronic music production. What sealed the deal was going to my first festival…..It was all over after that.”

But when Daniel says “all over” he means his days as a DJ had just begun.  “When I first got into DJ’ing I used to be really into the big room EDM stuff, so artists like Swedish House Mafia, Above and Beyond, Avicii, etc, which are great, especially for parties. My personal tastes are more in line with house artists like Justin Martin (and the entire Dirtybird Records lineup) or guys like Jody Wisternoff and Yotto. I guess what I’m trying to say is that the best part of being a DJ is using all these different pockets of musical knowledge to put together fun and exciting sets that evoke audience reactions, whether it be at a party, a wedding, or in a nightclub.”

And that is indeed what Daniel brings to each and every party he DJs.  His vast knowledge of music, his incredible mixing skills and a smooth and polished MCing style.  (click here for Daniel’s Mixcloud page). Add to that a biting sense of humor and you’ve got a pretty incredible addition to the Elite staff.

When Daniel isn’t mixing or remixing, he enjoys surfing and riding his motorcycle. And by day he’s a financial advisor for New York Life so besides insuring that your next party is a complete success,  he can also help with all your insurance needs.  Daniel’s calendar fills up quickly so if you are interested in having him at your next event, reserve him today!

V-Logs are quick event recaps done in a montage format so you won’t hear much real audio but you’ll get a fast paced and fun overview of each party.







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