David Perrone

David’s induction into the world of DJing came about as early as any DJ’s ever.  He explains: “My love for DJing and music started as far back as I can remember. When I was little my Uncle owned a few discotheques and piano bars in northern Italy . My parents and everybody else in the family would work for my Uncle. My mom would do coat check, my dad would manage the place, during day he would manage the books and at night he would help out as well by working the front door and VIP sections or bartending. My older cousins were always there too during the day practicing DJiing. So I was always in the Disco whether it was during the day with my dad in the office or with my Nona, mom and aunt making appetizers and food for the night or cleaning the place up and  get it going for the night and even sometimes at night I would be in the play room (aka office or coat check ) while the disco was going on just hearing the beats thumping in my head until my grandmother or mom would leave early to take me home. I always joke around with my parents about me being conceived in the club.”

By the time David was in high school he was already DJing.  “One of my good friends would pay me to help him with sweet 16s,” he says, “and eventually I  bought my friend’s equipment when I went to college and I became more involved at Rowan University where I would DJ all the frat and sorority parties.”

But David didn’t just DJ at Rowan.  He studied too, eventually earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Justice.  He’s currently an investigator for the NJ Department of the Treasury.  He also loves watching sports (he’s a Yankees and Jets fan) playing baseball or hanging with friends and family at the beach or pool.

And when it comes to DJing, the kid who crawled around the clubs in Italy has matured into a great entertainer.  His MCing skills are superb and his mixing abilities are exactly what you’d expect from someone who literally grew up around DJing.  David is bi-lingual (Italian and English) and would make an excellent choice for your next event!

V-Logs are quick event recaps done in a montage format so you won’t hear much real audio but you’ll get a fast paced and fun overview of each party.


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