Davide Fuoco

NJ Wedding DJ Davide Fuoco in Action2Our owner and CEO Mike Walter runs a lot of local races. Years ago he ran the Eatontown 5K and since he’d run well, he stuck around for the award ceremony to see if he’d placed in his age group. By the time the ceremony was over he’d forgotten about awards (he’d come in 4th anyway.) He was more mesmerized by the presentation skills of the Director of Eatontown Recreation who was handing out the trophies. This guy was smooth and polished, witty and charming. Plus he had a very good look. Mike had to approach him and ask him about DJing.

And sometimes that’s all it takes for a star to be born.

Davide Fuoco has taken to DJing like a pure natural. His life experience and innate talents make him a great addition to the Elite Staff. Plus he loves the work! “Being a DJ/MC is a natural high!” he says. “Having the opportunity to contribute to the tempo of the crowd, to engage with them while promoting love, happiness and fun is such a rewarding experience.” He also tells us about his love of music: “Growing up with two older brothers and a sister, I was subjected to several kinds of music. My sister was a huge High Hair (80?s) music fan and still is today. My older brother listened to Doo Wop, R&B and a little disco. My other brother was a hardcore Rap/Hip Hop fan in the late 80?s and early 90?s. As I got older, I developed a love for Dance, Pop, Hip Hop and Ethnic music. Therefore, I’ll rock out to anything!”

Davide and his wife Sarah were married in 2007 (Tom Monaco did their wedding) and have a handsome young son named Mason.  Besides his day job(he’s left working for the township and is now at Santander Bank) and DJing, Davide has also donated his time generously to Big Brother/Big Sisters of America. Davide is one of those people who you figure must never sleep because he accomplishes so much everyday.

Davide is a popular choice for any type of party. If you’d like to reserve him for your upcoming event, call now!


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