Nick DiGiaimo

There’s a legendary story here at Elite Entertainment that finds Jay Thomson working as a bar back at Breakers Hotel when he heard Tom Monaco rocking a wedding and thought, “that’s what I should be doing!”  Nick’s path to Elite is very similar.  He waited and bused tables at a few banquet halls where he got to experience weddings first hand.  He was already knee deep into music, going to festivals and producing his own tracks so finally one day he approached a DJ and asked how he could get involved.  Lucky for us, that DJ was Marshall Moore and he pointed Nick to Mike Walter.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Nick has discovered a passion for DJing events.  He tells us the best part is, “sharing different music with people. Or sharing your own creative twist on music with people. It kind of defines your style and makes you unique, and I think that’s pretty cool. Like when you play a remix of a popular song and people really like it, or when people come up and compliment you on a skillful or cool mix, that’s the best part.”  And while he’ll rock any party, Nick does enjoy the bigger productions.  He likes working with lighting and video and anything else that will enhance everyone’s experience.

Besides DJing and producing music, Nick loves traveling and photography.  He is an excellent choice for any type of party.

V-Logs are quick event recaps done in a montage format so you won’t hear much real audio but you’ll get a fast paced and fun overview of each party.


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