Thomas Williams

Some people literally have music in their DNA. Thomas is one of those people. His love of music goes back to his grandmother. Thomas tells us, “she was the choir director at our local church, and because of her influence on me with singing, piano, drums and making music, it has really created a deep passion for music.”  A few years later Thomas would get to experience his brothers, who were reggae DJ’s.  “Just watching how they could bring people together and make them dance with their music was enough to have me hooked.”

His own DJing career began in college in Atlanta. “I started with a few local house parties, some sweet 16’s until eventually moving up to some of the bigger college parties in the area.”

When we asked Thomas what’s the best part about being a DJ he instantly replied, “THE MUSIC!!!!!!”  He went on to explain, “there’s no other way to put it! I love music, and my love for it is the best part of DJing. I enjoy all parties as long as there’s some music to dance to.”

Thomas also produces his own tracks and he dabbles on the drums and piano. You can find his stuff online at and a radio show/ podcast

Besides his musical talents Thomas is also a photographer and videographer. And in what little free time he has, chances are he’ll be spending time with his girlfriend Leanne and their beautiful daughter, Konnor.

Here are some videos of Thomas Williams.




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