Does day of the week matter?

Does day of the week matter?

Since the dawn of the “social calendar”, Saturday night has pretty much been the most popular day for a large social event. Most people do not have work that day, and even more people do not have work the following day. This still hold true as it pertains to weddings. Over the last few years, Friday night weddings have definitely become more popular with Sunday weddings still a distant third place. But does it actually matter which day you choose? Will your wedding really be better if you have a Saturday wedding vs a Sunday afternoon or (and this has become more popular as well) a weeknight wedding? I’m sure most DJs will agree that they have done Saturday night weddings that were decent “parties” and also have done some during broad daylight on a Sunday that have been absolutely incredible. So what’s the formula? What’s the difference? Well, having amazing entertainment, like Elite :), is a good place to start, but the crowd, meaning your guests, play an equally important part in the success of the wedding. If you have a group of people who are just absolutely ecstatic for you and can’t wait to celebrate, it really went matter when or where the reception take place. They’re going to celebrate regardless. One of the other big factors to consider is how important the reception location is. If you find a hall that you absolutely love that’s out of your price range but it’s “the one”, why not go for a discounted date? Thursday night weddings are actually becoming quite common at some halls in our area. Also, what if there’s a specific day of the year that has meaning to you and you would like to get married on it but it falls on a Monday? Why not stick with that date? Sometimes that kind of outside the box thinking leads to the most memorable and amazing of nights.


january 2020

29jan7:30 pmElite's Private Showcase @ Jacques in MiddletownReservations are required. Please contact Elite.

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16feb12:30 pmBrookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ

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1mar12:30 pmOld York Country Club in Chesterfield
10mar6:45 pmThe Sunset Ballroom at the Lobster Shanty in Pt Pleasant
25mar6:30 pmJacques in Middletown

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