How many songs should you select for your reception?

How many songs should you select for your reception?

So your big day is rapidly approaching, and you have around 3-6 months to go until your wedding reception. You and your fiance decide now would be a good time to sit down and come up with a playlist for the night. But there’s only one problem: you have absolutely no idea how many songs to choose!! The good, or bad news (depending upon your perspective), is that there really isn’t a wrong answer. If you decide to go ahead and select every single song for the night, and then some in some cases, that’s great! If you decide to leave the musical selection mostly up to your DJ, that’s great too. Obviously there are pros and cons to either end of that spectrum. Should you decide to select the vast majority of music for the night, it will make your DJ’s job a little easier in that they will have a more limited selection of music to choose from. The downside can be if some of the music selected isn’t necessarily the best dance music. At that point it would fall on your DJ’s shoulders to politely express that. I’ve personally gotten an excel spreadsheet with all the music picked out for the wedding as well as the times they wanted each song played. The list was filled with some very cool music but not exactly music that would make people want to get up and dance. I explained that to him and he felt that the guests would ultimately want to dance to it and asked me to stick to the list, so naturally I said no problem. Come wedding night, we had a hard time filling the dance floor with the songs selected so the bride told me to just throw on some stuff that I felt would work better and we ended up turning the night around. The other side would be getting really no input from the bride and groom. Sure it gives the DJ total freedom to do what he feels would work best, but we don’t know the guests like the bride and groom do so in a way we are flying blind. As with most things, the happy medium is the happy place. I usually say come up with a list of 15-20 songs that 100% must be played. Then if there are still some requests that aren’t quite as important, give that to your DJ as a guideline for the rest of the night. Some of the stuff on there may be awesome and we will definitely play it, but we also may have some other ideas based on those selections.


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