Jacob’s 1st (yes, that says 1st) Birthday Party

Jacob’s 1st (yes, that says 1st) Birthday Party

Alex Cameron recently had the honor of celebrating the very first celebration in a little boy’s life and here’s what he had to say-

At Elite Entertainment, we don’t just DJ weddings. We also DJ birthday parties! This past Sunday, I traveled an hour and a half away to DJ Jacob’s First Birthday Party in Mulica Hill. Now you’re probably asking yourself, is Jacob going to actually remember his first birthday party? Most likely not but it’s okay because the rest of his family had a great time! There was about ten active kids ranging from kindergarten to third grade that danced all night and played some fun games with me. I can thank the candy bar and cake for the second wind of energy. Boy, did they like sugar. Their parents said they didn’t thank the sugar though because they weren’t going to bed anytime soon. The first hour of the night was a little rough to get the kids up because they were attached to their phones. I thought to myself, maybe I should incorporate a game with their phones. Scavenger hunts are one of my go to games at birthday parties. The objective of the game was to take a picture with something or someone, and not be the last one to make it back to the dance-floor. For example, “I need you guys to take a selfie with someone you’ve never met before and make a funny face with them. GO!” The kids would scramble and find an in-law or a family friend. Not only did it get the kids involved, the game gets everyone involved. After a while, it wasn’t about who got the selfie first or last. They were having fun and I asked them what game they wanted to play. I even showed them a thing or two about DJing. Everyone had an amazing time. After the party, I think I gave out twelve business cards! It wasn’t just the adults asking for my card, it was the kids! One of the kids said, he didn’t want a birthday party if I wasn’t the DJ. This is when I knew that everyone had a great time. The only one that didn’t thank me was Jacob. No worries! Hopefully, I’ll see him for his graduation party!

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