January 6th 2012 – Kate & Josh – Waterview Pavilion

Oh boy, first event of the new year! It’s funny how after working events for such a long time you can actually foresee things that are about to happen. I am sure that is the case in many professions after you have been there for 10+ years, but I bet the things I see are way more funny.

For example- I had the honor of entertaining for Kate and Josh on their wedding day. We get to the last hour of the party and our bride and groom are getting ready to cut the cake. Two quick slices, a few poses for the now gathered paparazzi of family members, and Josh very nicely feeds his new bride a piece of cake. The crowd claps, awes, and also offers a few boos!

While Josh interacts with the crowd, I watch Kate. She looks at Josh, looks down at the plate of cake, looks at Josh again (who is still taunting the crowd and isn’t paying any attention to Kate), and looks down at the plate again. Then without looking up, she SLAMS a full plate of cake right into Josh’s face! Classic, and I saw the entire event unfold.
Photos to come shortly!

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