Jessica and Bobby, Ramada, Carrie Roberts

I had been booked on Jessica and Bobby’s wedding for about a year.  I finally got to meet them at her best friend Brittany’s wedding about 2 months before their wedding.  Jessica and Bobby made a bee line toward me as soon as I got to the reception!  They expressed how excited they were that I would be photographing their wedding!  After meeting them in person and watching the two of them get down on the dance floor all night, I was BEYOND excited to photograph their wedding!!  About 4 weeks before their wedding they came in and met with Dominic and myself to go over all the wedding day details.  They were just so cool and easy to talk to I knew every minute of their wedding was going to be a blast!  During the review Jessica said she had been on Pintrest and had some pictures she wanted me to take.  She emailed them over to me the following week and I printed them out and added them to my other list of pictures that they had requested.


I arrived at the Ramada Inn walked into the special room the Ramada supplied for them to get ready in
and was greeted by all the bridesmaids, Jessica’s mom and Jessica.  I immediately pulled out my list of pictures and got to work!  I photographed every single detail that she had in the room!  She had everything ready for me shoes, invitation, ring, flowers, ring bearer pillow etc….  After I was done photographing all the details Jessica got dressed.  It was a great private moment because she didn’t want any of her bridesmaids to see her dress before hand so just her sister and mother were in the room.  After she was dressed I had her hide and lined up all the bridesmaids for a “First Look”.  Their reaction was priceless!  Lots of screams, tears and laughter.  Then it was time to have her dad come in and see her…..Again lots of tears and laughter.


We arrived at Georgian Court Chapel and as I watched Jessica walk down the aisle through my lens to Bobby I couldn’t help by choke up a little myself.  He was crying and Jessica’s dad was crying.  I’m sorry but every time a man cries it gets me every time!   After the ceremony we did some family portraits inside the chapel and then some outside.  We sent the wedding guest on their way and it was time for Bridal Party formals!


We took all the pictures right on the campus which was perfect!  Cyndi and I had so much fun with them!  Their bridal party was up for anything which to me is a dream come true!  We had them do so many different poses some formal but mostly just fun pictures that shows off the type of friendships that they do have.   After we were finished with the Bridal Party they all went to wait in the bus while we photographed just Jessica and Bobby alone.  Jessica was dipped, they danced, kissed, laughed and stared into each others eyes lovingly.  The best part about this photo session was it was not forced.  Everything just happened naturally….. Except maybe that shoe shot…..Let’s just say it was an abnormal position they had to be in for it and they dove into it!   Jessica and Bobby are the epitome of my perfect Bride and Groom to photograph.


With all the “formal” pictures done we headed to the Ramada for the reception.  Dominic Sestito was the dj so I already knew a night of laughs and a packed dance floor was in the near future.  Jessica and Bobby had the Plasma Screens in their package which meant I had to get to work!  When the DJ has the plasmas I like to get a slideshow ready for the couple from the pictures from the day.  When they sit down to eat dinner and BAM their wedding photos are playing it’s a huge hit every time!!


After cocktail hour Jessica and Bobby made their grand entrance and were having their slow dance when bam music stops change over into a fast song and there is Jessica and Bobby rocking out one of the best Choreographed dances ever!  Well that set the tone for the evening the dancing didn’t stop all night!  Even the Maid of Honor rapped her speech!


The reception flew by and before I knew it they were cutting cake and doing their last dance.   I always get a little sad at the end of my couples weddings because I know just around the corner my time with them will end.   All that planning with them before, emails back and forth, texting, Facebook messages, phone calls… Over.    That is until album planning and thank you cards….. But that is for another article;)



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  1. Carrie, this article made me tear up! I felt as if I got to relive the day all over again when I read this! It was so nice to hear how you felt during our big day. You truly are absolutely incredible and we will never be able to thank you enough for capturing all the breathtaking moments of our big day! I could not have asked for a better photographer. My entire bridal party LOVED you and I wish we could do it all over again! We feel so honored that you wrote about our wedding and that the experience was great for you too! Having you and Cyndi ..and of course Dominic as our DJ…made our wedding dreams come true. Everything was absolutely perfect. You can bet that when my sister gets engaged, we know who to call! Thank you for EVERYTHING and we can’t wait to meet up with you to see the rest of our pictures!

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