Kelly & Anthony 5/12/12 @ English Manor

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Here at Elite we love every bride and groom that we get to work with. But if you ask any of our entertainers on staff they will tell you that you just click with some brides and grooms better than others. On May 12th, I had the great privilege of entertaining for the guests of Kelly and Anthony at the English Manor and they were just one of those couples where we clicked very, very well from the start.

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Getting to work with the staff at the English Manor, as well as Lynn and Carrie from Elite Digital Images, is awesome in itself. But when you have a bride and groom that give you six requests and say “Throw a great party!”, you know you’re in for a good time. When I have a couple that just wants to party it takes a lot of the pressure off the day for me as a DJ, because I know that all they truly care about is their guests having a great time at the reception.
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Once we were set up at the English Manor, I sought out my bride and groom to just say hello and let them know that we’re all set up and ready to go. On this day when I found Anthony and Kelly, Anthony pulled me aside in typical Italian fashion to settle the balance. Now of course I understand this, being Italian myself, even though I repeated to him over and over again that this could wait till ended the event. But he insisted on doing it right then and I just found it really funny.
This event was smooth all around and the guests wanted to dance and party. It really wasn’t like work for any of us. At the end of the event both Kelly and Anthony came up to me and expressed their gratitude for the job well done. What was important to me was that we had impressed them so much that Anthony literally took every single business card that I had on me that night to hand out to friends and family and anybody that he knew that would be getting married.


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