Monthly Picks for August 2016 by Alex Cameron

Monthly Picks for August 2016 by Alex Cameron

This summer has been a hot one so far. I hope everyone is listening to the radio on their way to the beach because we’ve got some new songs you’ll be hearing frequently. This has been my favorite selection of music this year! This list consists of up-and-comers, chart-breakers, and even some pop-punk. Let’s check out them out!

With blink 182 coming out with their new album, it seemed obvious that this year was the year for pop punk/alternative bands to release some albums. Another band from my childhood Good Charlotte brings back that same sound that were all used to. “Life can’t get much better” if pop punk music makes a comeback!
Oh yes, you read that right. Britney Spears is also becoming relevant again. This is definitely not the Britney were used to but it has got a nice slow jam feel to it. G-Eazy is an excellent addition and really raps a solid song for them. Hopefully we hear more from her soon!
Jo Jo has been working on her sophomore album for some time now. The last time she made an album was 2006 so she has had plenty of time to make another hit since “Too Little, Too Late”. This one keeps the slow jam theme of this month’s picks and Wiz adds another element to it. Her album, “Mad Love”, will be released in October of this year!
Calvin Harris’ follow up to the monumental song, “This Is What You Came For”, is a song filled with lots of energy. But we expect nothing less from the hit-maker. Harris has worked with Dizzee Rascal in the past, helping him land his first number one hit, “Dance Wiv Me”.  So let’s get “hype”!
Zedd has worked with many up and coming stars. Future bass EDM producer Grey and “Pitch Perfect 2” star Hailee Steinfeld have all been itching to work together with Zedd on a song and they made a beautiful song.
The other day I was thinking, “Where’s Katy Perry been besides fighting Taylor Swift over social media?”  Well this new one from her has been “rising” up the charts since it was released this month. The song is already so big, it’s the theme song of NBC Sports‘s coverage of the 2016 Summer Olympics. Makes sense considering the mid-tempo song is about rising above one’s opponents.
Essentially this song is Lean On 2.0. Justin Beiber is heavily featured in it so its destined to make a splash in their charts. Cold Water is more of a dance song than Lean On and that’s why I think its going to be bigger.


Martin Garrix has been experimenting outside his comfort zone for some time. He clearly doesn’t want to be known as the “Animals” guy. This one is one of my favorites he’s put out in a while. Bebe Rexha has worked with many EDM producers but is mostly known for working with Cash Cash with their hit, “Take Me Home”. Her vocal range will give you chills and add value to their next big hit.

A very unlikely collaboration but people have been loving this song. Kenny Chesney has always been always one of my favorite country singers and P!nk is still on fire! If you don’t remember, she put out another “hot” song, “Just Like Fire”. This song has been for a few days and its already Number One! Unbelievable!



These guys have been on a tear since last year. “Closer” has the same mid-tempo vibe as “Roses” and its just as good. Following up “Don’t Let Me Down”, the Chainsmokers release another fantastic song surely to destroy the charts. I loved this song when they premiered it at Coachella this year and I know the rest of their fans couldn’t wait for them to release this song. Halsey has been making a statement over the past year releasing her album, Colors, and collaborating with Justin Beiber and other artists. Drew of the Chainsmokers adds his vocals to the song and perfectly narrates a couple’s first sparks of rekindled romance following a four-year absence. Without a doubt, an instant classic.
My Favorite Remix of the Month:
 This future house hit is one of my favorite songs currently and it will definitely be featured on my next mix. The original was a little bit slower and this adds a nice dance beat to the background. A solid song to shuffle to.


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