Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night . . .

Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night . . .
Dana and Anthony And Their Winter Wonderland Wedding (Photo by Milestones Photography 646-548-8652)
Dana and Anthony And Their Winter Wonderland Wedding
(Photo by Milestones Photography 646-548-8652)

You may recognize the quote in the title of this blog.  It’s the beginning of the Post Office Motto (“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”)  I want to write this blog to sing the praises of two of our DJs. They went above and beyond the call of duty and lived up to the Post Office Motto as well as the old entertainment adage “The Show Must Go On.”

It began the week leading up to January 23rd, as the weather reports became more and more dire. Snow was coming and by all predictions it was going to be a big storm. We had six events scheduled for Saturday the 23rd but only one of them was a wedding. By Thursday afternoon all the non-weddings had postponed. But as anyone can imagine, it’s a much easier decision to reschedule a birthday party than it is a wedding. So understandably, Dana and Anthony weren’t budging and their DJs, Dominic Sestito who was booked as their MC and Thomas Williams who had been assigned to assist, were determined to get there.

To complicate things, this wedding was taking place in Bear Mountain, NY, a solid 2 hour drive from our office on a good day. Plus Dana and Anthony had booked some cool lighting effects to go along with their DJ package; lighting effects that are delivered to the event in a trailer.

By Friday, January 22nd it was obvious that the most severe weather reports were going to be accurate. There was no chance that Winter Storm Jonas (you always know a storm is going to be bad when they name it) was going to spare the tri-state area. And it was also clear that the best chance Dom and Thomas (and all that cool lighting) were going to have of getting to Bear Mountain was by leaving Friday night. So leave they did. And this is one of the reasons I was inspired to write this blog and tip my cap to these two young men: they each have a significant other and a young child at home. Dominic was leaving his wife and their newborn baby and Thomas was leaving his fiancé and their three year old. This is counter-intuitive to what “the man of the house” does. We want to protect our women and children and be there when they need things like the driveway shoveled out. But Dominic and Thomas also understood the commitment they had made to Dana and Anthony and the importance that every couple feels about their wedding day. So off they went to ensure that this couple, who had to deal with so much in the days before their wedding, would not be denied great entertainment and cool lighting.

Photo Courtesy of Milestones Photography 646-548-8652.
Photo Courtesy of Milestones Photography 646-548-8652.

As it turns out, the decision to leave on Friday was the wisest one. It snowed all day on Saturday the 23rd, the roads becoming so bad that Governor Christie declared a State of Emergency. Meanwhile Dominic and Thomas were already in Bear Mountain, safe and sound and ready to party. And party they did. Though not every guest made it, a large percentage did. And those that were there celebrated with Dana and Anthony in high spirits. It was a night all of their family and friends will remember and a wedding for the ages. And when Dominic and Thomas returned home to their families (the next day, another wise decision) they found that everyone had weathered the storm just fine.

In the days that followed Dana and Anthony’s wedding I read a few articles about couples who’s plans were altered by the storm. One couple in New York City who were bumped to the next day and another in Jersey City who had to move their reception at the last minute. Dana and Anthony did not have a big write-up about their wedding so this one will have to suffice. Winter Storm Jonas may have wreaked havoc on millions and even shut down Broadway, but it couldn’t stop Dana and Anthony from getting married and celebrating their love with family and friends. And it couldn’t stop Dominic and Thomas from being their (cool lighting effects and all).

We’d like to thank Milestones Photography (646-548-8652) for sending us the pictures in this blog.  Proof positive that Dom and Thomas threw a great celebration:

Milestones Photography 646-548-8652.
Photo Courtesy of Milestones Photography 646-548-8652
Photo Courtesy of Milestones Photography 646-548-8652
Photo Courtesy of Milestones Photography 646-548-8652.

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