*Peace of mind included at no charge

*Peace of mind included at no charge

So I felt compelled to write this blog after a phone call I received just before leaving for the night last night. A young lady, who is a bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding, called here last night looking for a DJ for September 23rd of this year. Obviously she knows it’s very last minute, but it’s because the original DJ cancelled on them about 20 minutes before she reached out to us. I looked up the date and  we still had some amazing DJs available, so the first thing I said was to tell her friend not to worry as we would definitely be able to help her out. I went over our pricing, which was right in line with what they had budgeted, so she told me she would talk with the bride and call us back. It wasn’t but 20 minutes later that she called back to book everything. Before getting off the phone with her, I asked her not to tell me who the DJ was but rather why it was that they cancelled. She told me that the DJ was a “friend” of the family, and more specifically of the father of the bride. Apparently there was some form of friction between the 2 and now the DJ was magically unable to do the wedding anymore. I didn’t get into much more detail than that, but I’m going to assume she was using her dad’s friend because she received some kind of deal from him. It was also probably more a verbal or handshake agreement. That’s why although the money saving aspect is great, wouldn’t it be better to spend a little more and have that peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about issues like that?

This is the perfect time to segue, because I’m sure you’re saying to yourself that there is still no guarantee that the DJ will be at the wedding. And while that’s correct, it would take something along the lines of a medical emergency for that to happen. And it just so happened to happen this weekend. One of our veteran DJs had 3 weddings this weekend, and the day prior had a medical issue that basically caused him to lose his vision. Thankfully it’s something that is not permanent, but it wasn’t something fixable overnight. This is really where that whole “peace of mind” thing comes in: not only were we able to staff the weddings, but we were able to fill them with DJs with experience of 14, 17, and 19 years!!! So to use a musical analogy, we really didn’t even skip a beat. I included the photo above because while these stories showcase one of the great reasons why you should book Elite, I still don’t want you to take my word for it…instead take the word of 1518 people who’ve used us for events and the perfect 5.0 rating that we average across those events. Elite is not just our name, it’s what we are.


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