So some of you may have noticed our post on Facebook this week with the picture below, but I felt it was also deserving of its own blog post. Now to look at it at first glance you notice that people are standing and look genuinely excited to see the bride. You may also notice the setting they have chosen is absolutely gorgeous. The vaulted ceiling combined with the aisle covered in flower petals makes for great scenery. But what’s what thing you can’t see? The bride. The single most important person on this day (sorry grooms, but it’s true). The moment a bride first walks down an aisle with her beamingly proud father is one of the true money shots for photographers. But unfortunately this one was ruined by no less than 3 people. Firstly the person who decided to position themselves basically on top of the professional photographer so that what I can assume is their camera strap hangs down half the photo. The second is the woman in front of her who is holding her cellphone up to make sure she gets the perfect shot. And worst of all is the woman who is holding what equates to a handheld computer and is completely blocking any shot of the bride’s face. Now I understand that people like to be involved and want to get their own photos of a couple’s big day. But that is exactly what the bride and groom PAID a professional to do. Chances are the photos you are taking are not going to be anywhere near the quality of the professional photographer so why risk ruining their perfect shot and cost the couple what should be one of the most memorable shots of their day? Oh and did I mention that you are ruining the photos of the only person there that is being paid to take them? So next time you are a guest at a wedding ceremony or reception or both, keep your phone to yourself. Try being in the moment with the happy couple, that will be far more memorable than any photo you could possibly capture.



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