Sandy Kept ‘Em Shufflin’!

On this past Friday, November 9th, Jay and Corrine Field took it upon themselves to, as Jay put it to Mike Walter and myself, “Throw a big party since everyone has had it so rough. It just so happens that I’ll get married and pick the the check!” Well Jay, both you and Corrine certainly did the trick for the guests at your wedding! This group ran the gamut for musical taste anywhere from salsa, to Bon Jovi, and everything in between. However, in all of this, the one person who showed me these people couldn’t be put down by the super storm aftermath was Mike Walter. WIth a packed dance floor towards the end of the evening, Mike began to blast “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO through the speakers. This is normally a song that people always dance to, but on this particular occasion, a bridesmaid and groomsmen found themselves doing a little bit more than shuffling! This bridesmaid (wearing a pair of black reebok sneakers) just went crazy bouncing all around the dance floor, and this groomsmen went “toe to toe” with her. As an entertainer, I love to see people with a genuine look of joy on their faces, and thats what these people had. I looked at Mike as this random tandem bopped around the floor, and he said to me “I love seeing people have a good time like that!” I could not have agreed more. And it’s true: as a DJ, thats what its all about: giving people the chance to forget everything else and enjoy themselves. It was a distinct privilege for Corrine and Jay to have chosen Elite Entertainment to provide these memories. On Behalf of Mike and myself, we hope that no matter what the weather is, EVERYDAY your shuffling!


january 2020

29jan7:30 pmElite's Private Showcase @ Jacques in MiddletownReservations are required. Please contact Elite.

february 2020

16feb12:30 pmBrookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ

march 2020

1mar12:30 pmOld York Country Club in Chesterfield
10mar6:45 pmThe Sunset Ballroom at the Lobster Shanty in Pt Pleasant
25mar6:30 pmJacques in Middletown

april 2020

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may 2020

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