Craig Haberstroh
Craig Haberstroh

Craig is the brother of Janise Haberstroh, a veteran Elite Entertainer.  This isn’t the first sibling combination hired by our company and it probably won’t be the last.  After all, if one child in a family demonstrates the right talents and traits to be a successful DJ, it only stands to reason that another child just might as well.

So other than his sister coming home on Saturday nights with great stories about DJing, what attracted Craig to this business? “The love of music,” he tells us, “and the art of beat mixing.”  Indeed beat mixing (when DJs match beats from one song to the next to keep the flow of music going as seamlessly as possible) is something Craig loves.  If it’s a party with a lot of dance music you want, then Craig is your man.  Especially if it’s newer dance music.  In fact, he tells us he loves DJing Sweet 16s and Proms because he can play a lot of new dance music and “it’s the same music I love to listen too.”  But Craig isn’t picky about his selections when he’s working.  He tells us the most rewarding part of his job is “throwing a great party that guests of all ages can enjoy and have a great time.”

Craig is currently studying Physical Education at Kean University and hopes to be a Phys-Ed teacher.  He loves movies and is an avid baseball (NY Mets) and football (Miami Dolphins) fan.  He’s got an outgoing personality and loves to dance as well.  All in all, Craig is the complete package and is sure to pack the dance floor at your event.


august 2019

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september 2019

24sep6:45 pmThe Sunset Ballroom at the Lobster Shanty in Pt Pleasant

october 2019

30oct6:30 pmBrookdale Community College in Lincroft, NJ

november 2019

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december 2019

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