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  • English Manor Wedding for Heather and Tom

    It was our great pleasure to provide entertainment and photography services for Heather and Tom at The English Manor.  Tom Monaco served as their MC and DJ and he brought the party!

    Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Heather & Tom (1) Tom Monaco

    Lynn and Chris from Elite Digital Images were on hand to capture all the beautiful photography.  Here’s a great shot of Heather and Tom dancing to their wedding song, Adam Sandler’s “Grow Old With You” from The Wedding Singer.


    Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Heather & Tom (2)

    And some shots from a GREAT celebration!


    Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Heather & Tom (6)

    Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Heather & Tom (10) Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Heather & Tom (9) Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Heather & Tom (8) Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Heather & Tom (7) Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Heather & Tom (1)Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Heather & Tom (11) Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Heather & Tom (12)



    pin - Elite Entertainment - Wedding at English Manor for Heather and Tom

  • English Manor Wedding for Ayman & Dawn

    So a little back story: I first met Dawn at a bridal show and she mentioned she was interested in having me for her wedding but at the time I was unavailable. Fast forward to this past November when a friend of hers was at a wedding I was DJing. She approached me and mentioned who she was and how Dawn was using us. I said that’s great and asked who her DJ was. She mentioned that she had initially wanted me but I was not open. So I looked up the date and although I’m not sure what happened, my schedule had changed and it turns out I was now open! She immediately texted Dawn, Dawn emailed me and the rest, as they say, is history!

    Dawn and Ayman had their wedding at the English Manor in Ocean and had their Winter Wonderland package so they not only had us for the DJ, they got to work with Lynn & Cyndi from Elite Images (check out some awesome pics below!!). Dawn & Ayman were just such an awesome couple and their happiness was on full display all night long. Ayman is of Egyptian descent so they had a belly dancer come in and entertain the guests and she did not disappoint!! The guests danced all night long and I’m so so glad I was able to be there to celebrate with them. One of the funnier points in the day (there’s a pic below to show it lol) was during the ceremony when the best man realized he left the rings inside. He ran to get them and on his way back I started playing the Chariots of Fire theme and it was just so funny. That moment and how light and funny it was just added to such an amazing day for our happy couple!

    Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_DawnandAyman Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_DawnandAyman Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 11.19.28 AM Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_DawnandAyman Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_DawnandAyman



    pin - Elite Entertainment - Wedding at English Manor for Danw and Ayman

  • Crystal Point Wedding for Beth & Patrick

    So 2 days before Beth & Patrick’s wedding, I get an email from Beth with some of the missing info and music I still needed. Her subject line was “WORST BRIDE EVER” and she could not have been more wrong! Beth & Patrick could not have been easier to work with and were just so easy going about everything and having as much fun as possible. To prove this point, Chris from Elite Films mentioned to me that at the ceremony Beth was waving as she walked down the aisle as if she were in a parade float or a Miss America pageant lol. After that they brought the celebration to the Crystal Point in Point Pleasant and we just had such a great time with them. Here’s a few pics from Lynn of Elite Images:

    Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_CrystalPoint_BethAndPatrickbethpatrickcover Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_CrystalPoint_BethAndPatrickElite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_CrystalPoint_BethAndPatrick


    pin - Elite Entertainment - Wedding at Crystal Point for Beth and Patrick

  • English Manor Wedding for Kayla & Sean

    It’s always cool to work with couples that have an international flare to them. Now Kayla and Sean are both American, but they currently work and live in England. So I got to meet with them twice before their wedding and they were just so easy going and awesome to work with. They had their reception at the English Manor (living in England I guess that was appropriate lol). For their first dance, they chose an awesome song by Tom Odell called “Grow Old With Me” and the guests danced their “arses” off the rest of the night.

    Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Kayla and Sean Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Kayla and Sean Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_Kayla and Sean

  • Six Degrees of Celebration

    So I’ve been DJing for quite a long time, just over 15 years to be exact, and it’s not at all uncommon to be working a wedding where there are couples in attendance that I have worked with before. Sometimes I know about it because they’re the reason the newlyweds hired me to begin with. And sometimes it’s a complete surprise because they may just be a coworker of the bride and groom and not super close to them. But this past Friday was a little bit different. Not only did I get to celebrate with Kelly & John, who are just awesome in general, but there were SIX OTHER COUPLES in attendance that I have worked with or will work with (one of them is celebrating their wedding 4 weeks to the day after Kelly & John). It was crazy because I honestly felt like I knew more people there than half the people in the room did. It was also incredibly humbling to see so many familiar faces and knowing that I obviously played a big enough part in their day that so many other people requested me to be the DJ for their wedding. So just wanted to publicly thank Colleen, Kirstin, Mark, Kerrin, Jonathan, Brian, Shawn, Leigh, Eddie, Lori, Joe, Kelly & John for having (and soon to be having) me as part of your big day

  • Breakers Wedding for Chelsey & Alex

    Having a few weeks off is a great thing, pretty sure no one will ever complain about some quality time spent at home. But as a wedding DJ, it brings an extra bundle of nerves the next time you pick up that mic and get behind the DJ table. So after almost a month off from weddings, I was so so so happy that my first one to kick off wedding season was with Alex & Chelsey. We just absolutely clicked when I met with them to discuss their details. I mean, they’re Disney people like me and my wife so I knew I was in for an amazing night.

    They celebrated the beginning of their journey at Breakers Hotel in Spring Lake. They had their ceremony at a little gazebo right on the boardwalk and then it was party time. They danced to “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur, one of the biggest songs of the past couple years, for their first dance. Alex then danced with his mom while Chelsey and her dad had something special up their sleeve. They started out dancing to “In My Life” by The Beatles but went into “Play That Funky Music” after about a minute and their guests absolutely went crazy for it. From their on we just partied and partied and partied. Thanks again for letting me be such a big part of your day! Here’s a few photos from Lynn of Elite Images (the black and white one we just thought was funny lol)

    EliteEntertainment_NJWedding_EliteImages_Breakers EliteEntertainment_NJWedding_EliteImages_Breakers

    EliteEntertainment_NJWedding_EliteImages_Breakers EliteEntertainment_NJWedding_EliteImages_BreakersEliteEntertainment_NJWedding_EliteImages_Breakers


    pin - Elite Entertainment - Breakers Wedding with Chelsey and Alex

  • Why attending a bridal show is so important…

    With the turn of the new year comes one of our favorite times of the year, and no it’s not NFL playoff season. Ok actually yes it is, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about the beginning of bridal show season. It’s that time of year where numerous couples are freshly engaged, some for the holidays and some right as we welcomed 2018, and now it’s time to start planning. As overwhelming as they can sometimes be, the best place to start is by attending a bridal show. Not only will you get the chance to meet a lot of amazing wedding professionals, but you will get to see some incredible entertainment live and in person.

    Obviously the best way to truly get a feel for what we can offer is to be a guest at a wedding that we are DJing. But we all know that’s really just the luck of the draw. So by coming to a showcase that we are performing at, you’ll get the chance to experience an Elite event, albeit on a much smaller scale. Sure some companies will try to sell you on their video demos (we have them too), but these are also edited to show you some of the best highlights available. The beauty and difference of a live showcase is just that: it’s LIVE. There are no do overs and we get one shot to show you exactly what Elite can offer for your big day. So I invite you to come to one of these performances (you can find them all here). It’s our goal to get as many people up and dancing as possible. And like we always say, a bridal show is a room full of strangers and we can pack a dance floor…just imagine what we could do with a room full of your loved ones and your closest friends?


  • Crystal Point Wedding for Megan & Mike

    I think I speak for a large number of people when I say that I love this time of year. I mean, this whole temperature in the teens thing can kick rocks, but it really is an awesome time of year. Between the holiday season and the new year and new beginnings, it’s just awesome. It’s always so cool when couples incorporate a sort of Winter Wonderland theme into their big day.

    Megan & Mike had their Winter Wonderland wedding at the Crystal Point in Point Pleasant and the room was decorated with all the holiday trimmings including a Christmas tree! As with any wedding we began the night with their wedding party introductions, but there was an extra special twist- they had FOUR flower girls! Now usually whenever we introduce a flower girl or flower girls, it’s usually a young girl around the age of like 3-5 years old. But not this night. Megan & Mike are fortunate enough to have all 4 of their grandmothers around and they were the flower girls for the night! I just thought it was such a cool way to have them be such a big part of their special day.

    Once the intros were done, they danced their first dance to a beautiful acoustic version of “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessional. After the parents dances, we wasted no time and jumped right into some dancing and the guests and the new Mr. & Mrs. Chemris absolutely danced their @$$#$ off! They gave me a great selection of music to play with majority being a lot of today’s hits and it was a great night. T0 cap off their night, we closed the night with Idina Menzel & Michael Buble’s version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside“…a perfect way to close out their Winter Wonderland wedding. Congrats again to Megan & Mike and I hope you’re enjoying the gorgeous Cali weather!




    pin - Elite Entertainment - Crystal Point Wedding for Megan and Mike

  • Why we do what we do…

    Weddings have changed over the last few years. A lot. Like a lot a lot. On top of certain wedding traditions going by the wayside, it seems like now DJ companies are almost just looking to outdo one another. We are the best at this! We were the first to do that! Well for starters, saying you’re the best is highly subjective. I have couples ask all the time “Who is your best DJ?” and my response is “Whoever you think it is.” And second, who gives a $###? I think sometimes in the race to be #1, the reason why we do what we do can get lost. As wedding DJs, of course it’s important to do our part to make sure everyone has the best time possible. But it’s mostly about creating moments. Moments they may not involve every single person on the dance floor having a blast for 4 hours, but ones that may only involve a couple of people that will last forever. You ask my wife (and I will tell you the same thing) what her favorite part of our wedding was and she will immediately say our first dance. Our reception and party was awesome, but our first dance was undoubtedly the highlight of our night (our ceremony was a close second, thanks Mike!).

    The reason I write this is because one of those moments popped up on my Facebook “On This Day” feed today. On December 13, 2014, (yep…12/13/14) I had the honor of celebrating with Erin & John as they celebrated their wedding at the English Manor. I had actually met them at a wedding a year earlier and they were such a cool couple and awesome to work with and their celebration was just as awesome. But throughout all the fun there was one moment that stood out head and shoulders above everything else. Erin’s parents were married at the English Manor 33 years earlier so for them it was extra special being back there for their daughter. Erin’s mom approached me and told me a quick story about how at their wedding, for some reason (she didn’t remember exactly why) her husband never got to dance with his mom. He had no idea she was doing this but she asked me if I would play a song just for them so that in the same building and on the same dance floor where they had celebrated 33 years earlier they would get to share that moment. Full disclosure, it’s been 3 years and I don’t remember what song we did but I will still never forget that. Now all I did was help choose a song, announce it, and press play, but I got to be a part of a moment that Erin’s family will surely never forget.

    Here’s the picture I took with the IG post from that night:


  • Let’s set the record straight on something…

    So over the last several years, weddings have changed…and pretty drastically. From changes in the planning process to less and less formalities taking place. Some weddings have even become full scale productions with lights and video screens and all the bells and whistles. More and more you see vendors and banquet halls alike offering more options and services. The Elite DJ brand has been around for almost 30 years and in the last 15 years we have added videography and then photography. But there is a common misconception that some people have, especially as it pertains to our photography: “Elite is a DJ company that offers photo.” That. Is. Wrong.

    On the surface I could see where it may appear that way. But Elite Digital Images, while in the same office as Elite Entertainment and sharing the “Elite” name, is it’s own entity. For starters, we have plenty of events where our photographers shoot and not our DJs. So right there you see it’s not just some add-on to our DJ packages.

    Second, we have a dedicated staff of DJs the same way we have a dedicated staff of photographers. The crossover between the 2 ends at our DJs using their phones to snap a quick photo for Instagram. Our DJs will never shoot a wedding the same way our photographers will not DJ an event. Elite Images offers professional wedding photographers. They have a collective experience of nearly 40 years and are some of the best in the business.

    I can personally vouch for their work as I had them shoot my own wedding and my wife and I absolutely love our photos. But “you work for the company and of course you would say that”. So please, don’t take my word for it. Take the words of over 150 happy couples and the collective 5.0 rating we have on WeddingWire. If anything, maybe we should start getting nervous that one day we will be mistaken for a photo company that offers DJ :)

    EliteEntertainment_EliteImages_NJWedding EliteEntertainment_EliteImages_NJWedding EliteEntertainment_EliteImages_NJWedding

  • Crystal Point wedding for Sarah & Dan

    This past weekend I had the honor of celebrating an amazing couple’s big day. Sarah & Dan chose the awesome Crystal Point to celebrate the beginning of their journey as man and wife. The Crystal Point has long been one of my favorite places to work (even before I moved less than a mile down the road lol), but now that they have added their own INCREDIBLE sound system to their crystal ballroom, it’s even better!

    We started the night with bridal party introductions, but before Sarah and Dan had their first dance, Dan had a special request. There were a number of military personnel in attendance, including Dan’s best man, so he wanted to play Whitney Houston’s rendition of our national anthem. An American flag was brought into the room and it was a great way to begin the night.

    Dan & Sarah were such a fun and easy couple to work with. Throughout the night the guests all had a great time drinking and dancing and you could just feel the joy everyone shared for this incredible couple. Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Eagan and I hope you are enjoying your Hawaiian honeymoon!!

  • A Cove Castle Wedding for Jenna & Eddie

    I recently had the honor of celebrating the wedding of Jenna Petrillo & Eddie Curtis at Cove Castle on Greenwood Lake, NY. Jenna & Eddie reached out shortly after Jenna’s sister got married in the summer of 2016. Megan & her husband Burim had a very Elite wedding (DJ, photo, & video) so planning for Jenna & Eddie was nice and easy. On this night they had selected myself as their DJ/MC, and they also used Cyndi & Chris from Elite Images as well as Tom & Chris from Elite Films.

    Their night began with a lakeside ceremony just outside of the restaurant. Although the temperature was in the 20s…yes the 20s lol…the ambience was incredible. The moonlight combined with some string lighting to create a magical setting for their nuptials. From there we brought all the guests inside and the celebration was on! We literally had the dance floor rocking from before dinner was even done until the very end of the night! So much so that we skipped over the garter and bouquet and Jenna & Eddie just cut their cake off to the side to let the dancing continue! Congrats again and thanks for allowing Elite to be such a big part of your big day!

    Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ CoveCastle_Jenna and Eddie Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ CoveCastle_Jenna and Eddie Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ CoveCastle_Jenna and Eddie



    pin - Elite Entertainment Cove Castle Wedding for Jenna and Eddie

  • Mountain Creek Wedding for Shawn & Brian

    It’s always a cool thing when I get to work with a couple and it’s my own referral. So not only do they know what to expect, but to a degree I do as well. But what always amazes me is sometime show far back that referral train goes.

    So last weekend I celebrated with Shawn Rank & Brian Kermizian as they celebrated their wedding at beautiful Mountain Creek in Vernon, NJ. Side note- it also amazes me how beautiful some parts of our state are and the Vernon/Hamburg area is just incredible this time of year. But anywho, so I DJ’d Brian’s sister’s wedding last year- Leigh married her husband Eddie at the Berkeley in Asbury Park. But prior to that I did Brian & Leigh’s cousin Mark’s wedding to his wife Kirstin in 2012. Then I did Kirstin’s sister Kerrin’s wedding to her hubby Jonathan in 2013. And next year I’m doing Mark’s sister Kelly’s wedding to her fiance John…The family lines get a little confusing lol, but it’s just so cool when one event can create memories at so many others.

    So Shawn & Brian had their ceremony right at the bottom of one of the slopes at Mountain Creek and it made for a stunning backdrop. After that we moved inside for cocktail and began the celebration for the bride and groom. We got the party started immediately upon Shawn & Brian entering the room. They decided to come into the ballroom to “Lady” by Lionel Richie and there’s some meaning behind it: Brian and Shawn have been together for quite a while but he never liked the term “girlfriend”, so he would always refer to Shawn as his “lady” or his “special lady friend”. From there I mixed right into “On The Floor” by Pitbull & J-Lo and the party was on!

    Another amazing night with amazing people and congrats again to Brian and his lady Shawn!

    Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 11.50.51 AM

    EliteEntertainment_NJWedding_MountainCreek EliteEntertainment_NJWedding_MountainCreek EliteEntertainment_NJWedding_MountainCreek


  • “You want me to talk…on a mic…in front of people?!?!?!”

    Ok for starters, let me just make perfectly clear that the title doesn’t refer to us as DJ’s obviously. It means you- the newlywed. Let me explain…

    So last week, I wrote a blog about why, as the bride and groom, you should absolutely 100% go into your cocktail hour. You probably paid for an awesome spread of food and you should enjoy it. But also it gives you the chance to greet all or most of your guests and frees up more time during the reception to spend it as you see fit AKA dancing your @$$ off!

    But what if you want to avoid the cocktail hour? What if you would like to make your introduction more dramatic? Some couples like to have that private cocktail hour with just their wedding party as it will add to the theatre surrounding when we first introduce them. While you get to enjoy the food still, that issue of maximizing your reception minutes comes back in to the picture. Well, I present to you a solution so long as you can get over one of people’s biggest fears: PUBLIC. SPEAKING.

    I saw one of our own DJs do this at his wedding over 10 years ago and I thought it was brilliant. Once the toasts were done, he grabbed the mic and said (paraphrasing here), “Thank you so much to everyone who came! We would love to chat with you all tonight so come see us on the dance floor.” Simple and so effective. Of course there will be some guests you will take a few minutes to seek out (grandparents and other family members). But is it really necessary to chat up your coworker’s date that you’ve only just met? Eh, I don’t think so. I’m sure some wedding traditionalists will read this with a look of absolute horror on their face. But weddings are getting less and less traditional with each passing year. So why not just take 30-45 seconds to thank all of your guests in one fell swoop. And if you think your fear of public speaking is going to prevent you from doing this. Just picture everyone in their underwear! Except anyone that’s the same sex as your spouse. I mean, you are a married man/woman now, after all.

  • No, You Don’t Have To Go Table To Table At Your Wedding

    Working in our office, I get to meet with a lot of couples in the early stages of their wedding planning. More often than not they don’t even try to hide the fact that they are very unsure about certain aspects of the wedding and even clueless on some things! I always reassure them that there’s nothing wrong with that and they should be! I mean, more often than not you only plan a wedding once or maybe twice throughout your life. We are involved with the planning of hundreds of weddings each year! So I always encourage couples to ask us questions about anything, even things that have nothing to do with music or entertainment.

    So this past week, one of the couples that had come in mentioned something very interesting to me. The bride had mentioned that her mom told them they absolutely should not go into their cocktail hour. I was taken aback for a split second but then remembered that weddings as we know them today are very different than 25-30 years ago and even very different than 25-30 months ago! Some of the traditional aspects of weddings from our parents’ generation are either fading away or are long gone! So for those keeping score at home, you should 100% go in to your cocktail hour, for 2 main reasons

    1. The food. More often than not cocktail hour food is better than the actual meal being served for dinner. Sure chateaubriand and chicken francese are great. But cocktail hours are a smorgasbord of finger foods and other less formal yet more appetizing food like sliders, fajitas, and make-your-own mac and cheese stations. You paid for it, you should get to enjoy it!
    2. To maximize your time. Including your cocktail hour your wedding is only 5 hours. Yes…ONLY. Sounds like a lot of time and if you were sitting through a dissertation on the process of paint drying I’m sure it would feel like even longer. But on your wedding day it flies by. On top of being pulled in a million different directions, there’s a reason they say “time flies when you’re having fun”. So on top of enjoying some awesome food, use your cocktail hour as time when you can say hi to as many guests as possible. For years, we would see couples going table to table to table to table…you get the idea…and it would literally take them more than half of their reception to greet everyone. So your 5 hour timeframe for fun has now been trimmed down to 1.5 to 2 hours! Weddings are a once in a lifetime experience (and expensive!) so while I 100% agree you should make time to say hello to everyone, you should also get to spend it the way you want. If that’s chatting with friends or catching up with relatives who travelled from far away, that’s awesome. But if you’re like me and my wife and want to dance dance dance, maximize those cocktail hour minutes.



    pin - Elite Entertainment Do you have to go table to table

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