The Other Side of Wedding Planning Part 2

10499607_10152312471523495_4089520617262206396_oSo it’s been just over a year since I’ve written about this, and I’ve learned one thing: as stressful as it may seem, wedding planning is fun. Aside from all the financial aspects and decision making, at the end of the day you’re ultimately planning the day that you get to marry your best of your life…partner in crime…you get the drift. Now I’m sure not everyone feels this way, but if there’s one aspect of planning I’m sure everyone can agree is fun is the music selections. Now this ranges everywhere from music for dancing to background music to intro music to the all important first dance.

I recently sat down with a couple who was telling me that they wanted to use John Legend’s “All Of Me” for their first dance but were unsure they were going to because the bride’s parents felt it was too slow or wasn’t good enough. Now I’m all for making sure your guests have a great time and will gladly listen to their input for when it comes to the party portion of the evening. But when it comes to your first dance, it’s exactly that: YOURS. No one else’s. If you find a song you like or that has meaning to you (by you I mean both bride & groom), it shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks (sorry moms and dads). That 3-4 minutes in time is all about the married couple and is the culmination of their journey together. Plus it’s probably the only 3-4 minutes they’ll have to themselves all day so let them enjoy it as much as possible. On top of that, how in the blue h@!! is All Of Me not a good first dance?!?!

When it comes to picking your song for your grand introduction (you can read a little more about that in a recent blog Mike Walter wrote), one of the things my fiancĂ© and I both wanted was for it to not only be fun and upbeat but also something timeless. By timeless I mean not looking back in 25 years and thinking “Man why did we walk out to that?!?!”. I also feel it’s important for it to make sense lyrically…somewhat. It doesn’t have to actually be perfect from that sense but just could make sense for the grand intro of a bride and groom. We discussed it quite a bit and came up with something that we feel meets all those requirements and are really happy with it. As Mike mentions in his blog, it needs a little editing to get the timing right but ultimately it’s going to make a great intro for us. I’m not going to post the song but if you’d like to give a listen, click here :)


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