The Sweet 16/50th Birthday

This was a combination of Peter’s 50th birthday party and Julianna’s 16th. They gave me all the important songs and also told me that they were having a Frank Sinatra impersonator. I got in touch with the impersonator a few weeks before the party. I’ve always found it easier to plan ahead when working with other entertainers so I know what to expect.

This impersonator was great.  Not only did he look just like Frank Sinatra, he sounded like him and he even had some comedy in between the songs. My favorite line that he said all night was: “If you have any requests… Keep them to yourself”. After “Frank Sinatra” finished it was my turn to open up the dance floor.

I started off with some newer music and mixed in some classic rock. Overall the party was a total success. I would’ve loved to have the party go later but it was in their backyard and there was the town’s sound ordinance of 10 PM.

This party was definitely an experience for me as a DJ. I have done combined birthday parties before but never such a difference in the age of the birthdays. When I go back and think about it, I really programmed the night of music as if I was DJing a wedding. The family most definitely had a lot of fun. I hope I get to entertain for them again someday soon.

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