This is YOUR* Moment (*by ‘your’ we mean ‘not ours’)

This is YOUR* Moment (*by ‘your’ we mean ‘not ours’)

This past Saturday I had the honor and pleasure of celebrating with Donielle & Rachel as they celebrated their wedding and began their new life together. We had a beautiful ceremony right on the beach in Asbury Park follow by an awesome reception at McLoone’s Supper Club. It was an amazing evening and you could feel the excitement and love in the air, but it was one that just 3 weeks before I wasn’t even set to be a part of.

Just 16 days before the wedding, Rachel called here mentioning she was looking for a DJ for her wedding on August 26th. My response was “of 2018?” and she just no and kind of laughed. She then proceeded to tell me that her DJ cancelled on them only 20 minutes before she called us. Before going any further I told her I was so sorry to hear but assured we had the date open and would love to help. The numbers worked and the stars aligned and I was able to share in this beautiful couple’s special day. In talking with not only Rachel but also the awesome staff at McLoone’s (Vicki & Samantha), I found out what had happened with the other DJ and why they cancelled. In short, their DJ needed the day to be more about themself than the actual couple getting married. I was told by the staff that this DJ needed to be front and center on the stage (the brides wanted to have their cupcakes on there as well so this wouldn’t have worked). Donielle and Rachel also added an A/V package through McLoone’s (they have their own TVs as well as sound system). The DJ told the staff there that they needed to bring their own speakers and would set up their own TVs in front of the ones already stationed there. I could go on and on but clearly the word “accomodate” is not presently in their vocabulary. So this DJ reached out to Rachel & Donielle and told them that they “were offended” they were even asked to use and work with the equipment at the hall and that they did not feel comfortable doing the wedding anymore.

So during our phone conversations, Rachel would ask certain questions and felt that she had to preface them with “I hope this is ok” or I hope this doesn’t offend you”. I told her that there was literally nothing she could request me to do (within reason of course) that would bother or offend me and that I would be willing to work with her and do whatever she needed. If she needed me to use the equipment there, great…just means less stuff to carry. If she wanted me to share a stage with a table of cupcakes, that’s fine…just less travel distance for my assistant David to get one lol. As DJ’s we should do everything in our power to make a couple’s big day as amazing as possible, but also do what we can to make things as easy as possible too. So if that means stepping out of your comfort zone, or, heaven forbid, going above and beyond to do what your couple wants, you do it. That day is about the couple, not you, and never forget┬áthat it’s your honor to be there and it’s not their honor to have you.



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