This week’s head scratcher

This week’s head scratcher

So every now and then in the course of talking to prospective couples, Dominic and I will hear a story or 2 (thousand) about certain things other companies have done or said to these same couples. So today I heard one that I’ve heard several times before. Having a phone conversation with this bride, she asked me how much input can they have regarding the music. I told her they have complete control over the request list for the night, meaning they could pick every single song if they would like or leave the musical selections completely up to us. She said, “Ok great because I had spoken with this other company and they said we could only pick out 30 songs for the night.”

Ok so a few things. First off…WHAT?!?!


Ok seriously, like where did the number 30 come from? Is that just some arbitrary number that was pulled out of a hat? Is that the owner’s lucky roulette number? In a 4 hour reception you’re looking at anywhere from 60-80 songs played. So if you’re a bride or groom and you have a specific vision for your night musically, this would mean it could be 50% out of your hands and that’s a large number. At the end of it all, this is YOUR wedding, not ours. I can guarantee that some DJ will be reading this now and saying to themselves, “Yeah well we are the professionals and have more experience and should get to play stuff we know works and anyone that involved should just set up an iPod.” So if you’re a DJ and you just read that and said that to yourself: A. get over yourself and B. Shut up. A true professional will be able to take a music list, regardless how long, and turn it into a playlist that will not only have the guests up and on their feet all night long, but it will also have a distinct flow to it. And if you can’t I’m going to help you out and give you your new DJ name….DJ iPod….you’re welcome :)

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