Weathering the storm…

Weathering the storm…

This spring, I’m currently taking MicroEconomics as I work towards my Associates and eventual Bachelors degree in Finance. One of the topics we covered was short run vs long run and how a lot of companies will make a profit in the short run but not in the long run. One of the reasons for this is the eventual entry and exit of companies over the long run. And it got me thinking as to just how many companies there now are in the DJ business and just in the Monmouth county area alone. Everytime we do a bridal show it seems like there is a new company that we have never heard of with a booth set up. I’m sure a lot of them are even offering extremely and even overly competitive pricing just to generate business for themselves. But call me old fashioned…give me the company that has been around for a while yet still kicks @$$ everytime they perform. We are now into our 27th year of business and have had to weather quite a storm of new companies popping up all over our area.¬†At our meeting last night, we just recognized Tom Monaco & Chris Monaco as they are celebrating their 20th year with Elite. That kind of experience and loyalty is something you don’t really see anymore. This month marks my 14th year here and it blows my mind sometimes to think about just how long that is, yet doesn’t feel anywhere near that long! I know sometimes “new and shiny” is the way to go, but give me tried, true and reliable any day of the week.

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