We’ve Always Been LGBT Friendly

We’ve Always Been LGBT Friendly


EliteEntertainment_MarriageEqualityI’m one of those guys who likes to post their political opinions on Facebook because I’ve always loved a good debate.  And thanks to Facebook’s “On This Day” feature I get to re-read some of my posts that go way back.  One of my favorite ones is from December of 2009 when I took the New York State Legislation to task because they didn’t vote to legalize same sex marriages. I love reading it, so many years later because there are some people who responded who basically thought the legalization of gay marriage was “never going to happen” (direct quote).  I’m glad our society has shifted and become a lot more tolerant over the years and I only hope it continues.  My favorite Martin Luther King quote is: “The arc of the moral universe is long but it bends towards justice.”  King was reminding us, it may take a while, but eventually society will l get things right.EliteEntertainment_MarriageEquality

Personally, I was ahead of the curve on this issue but I have a family member to thank for that.  Growing up with a gay brother gave me a much more tolerant attitude towards people of all sexual orientations so while in December of 2009 there was still a lot of confusion from some people (and adamance from others) today, the majority support marriage equality (click here to see how our opinions have changed on the subject through the years).  In fact if you break it down generationally, 7 out of 10 millennials support gay marriage.  Good job younger generation!

I just recently got asked the question: “will you DJ a gay wedding?” and I have to be honest, it actually bummed me out.  It amazes me that anyone still needs to ask that question today.  I responded like I have for over ten years.  Of course we will!  Love is love in my book and when two people have found each other and decided they want to spend the rest of their lives together, that calls for a celebration!  And we at Elite have one criteria for all of our couples: do you want to have a good time?  If the answer is a resounding “Yes!” then we don’t discriminate: we want to be there.

EliteEntertainment_MarriageEqualitySo it’s probably a little late for this blog.  I could have (and maybe should have) written it years ago.  I’ve never made a secret of my feelings in public (nor on social media) but I also never felt the need to declare it here on our company’s blog.  But the fact that we’re still being asked that question all these years later prompted me to write this.  We are LGBT Friendly and we always have been.



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