Why you absolutely should have videography at your wedding…

Why you absolutely should have videography at your wedding…

Ok, so you’re engaged and the planning has officially begun. First on your to-do list is to figure out when you would like to get married and the next big decision is where. Once you’ve got that set, it’s time to get the ball rolling and select your vendors for the night. Naturally the two biggest ones most couples select first are entertainment (band or DJ) and photography, and rightfully so. You need someone to take pictures of the day of course and how fun would a wedding be without music? But what about videography?

There’s really two schools of thought here.┬áSome people don’t want it because they think they’ll never or barely watch it, the others are afraid that if they don’t get it they will wish they did and at that point there’s no do over. I read somewhere that the biggest regret couples have is not having a videographer at their wedding and I completely agree. As much as photographers can capture some amazing images of the day, having a videographer there will not only breathe some more life into those images but capture some other moments that would’ve been impossible to truly capture in a still image. Plus there’s different degrees of coverage you can get as well. We can cover just your ceremony and reception; we can also get the bride getting ready as well as your photo shoots; and we can even have everything covered on the bride and groom’s side and essentially make you a documentary of your wedding day.

But there will still be people who don’t think they will watch it enough to warrant spending the money. But what if it’s not about the amount of times you watch it, but how you watch it…the old quality over quantity debate. Let’s say in the ensuing 50 years after your marriage you only watch your wedding video 2 times. Doesn’t seem like a lot does it? But what if the first time it’s when your own children are old enough to appreciate what they’re watching and they get to see the day their mommy and daddy said “I do”? And what if the second time was when you and your beloved are old and gray, and one holiday you get to sit down with your now adult children and your grandchildren…how amazing and special of a moment would that be?

So next time you think about whether to book video, don’t think about it terms of how much the price is…think about it in terms of those priceless moments you may be missing.

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