Yes you should have a photo booth…

Yes you should have a photo booth…

Over the years, wedding trends are constantly changing. First it was lights, then came screens and sometime within the last few years, photo booths joined the club. I’ll be honest, I thought wedding photo booths would be a fad and die out after a couple of years. But our photo booth bookings only seem to get stronger with each passing year. People absolutely @#$%ing love these things!!!

One of the best things about weddings is that each and every couple have a special and unique vision for their big day. Sure there may be some similarities, but overall each wedding is different. Not every couple feels the need to have a photo booth, some just may downright hate them. And that’s fine. But to those couples who are considering having one, you absolutely should. And not just for you, but mostly for your guests. At your wedding, there will be 3 kinds of people: people who are there to dance, people who need a little coercing to dance (that’s where we come in), and people that wouldn’t dance if you paid them. The last group is where the photo booth comes in. Outside of dancing your @$$ off, there’s only so much to do at a wedding and having a photo booth for your guests just gives those non dancers something else to enjoy! If you’re worried about it taking people away from the dance floor just consider this: we are a DJ company…it’s our job to make people dance as much as humanly possible…if photo booths in any way made this harder we wouldn’t offer them :) Plus have you seen some of the photos people will take in there? Add a photo booth to 5 hours of open bar and not only is your scrapbook highly entertaining, but you will more than likely have a significant amount of blackmail material!


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