Jimmy and Alex and Their Wild and Crazy Reception!

As a DJ there’s usually a fine balance between a wild and crazy dancing crowd and a group that teeters too far into drunk and obnoxious land.  We (DJs) love the wild and crazy crowds while the drunk and obnoxious groups are one the few down-sides to this career.

The wedding I DJed recently for James and Alexandra (or Jimmy and Alex as they preferred to be called) was one of the rare nights that started wild and crazy but never tipped the scale to drunk and obnoxious.  That’s a testament to their family and friends and the fact that everyone was there to truly celebrate for this awesome couple.

Their wedding was May 12th and as I drove that afternoon all the way up to The Basking Ridge Country Club I was so happy for Jimmy and Alex – the weather was just perfect.  When you think “Beautiful Spring Day” this is what comes to mind: 70 degrees with a mostly sunny sky.  Someone said once that rain on your wedding day is a sign of luck (and Alanis Morissette called it “Ironic”) but in my opinion great weather on your wedding day is really lucky!

Jimmy and Alex had picked out more than enough music for the night.  In fact when Alex’s Maid of Honor commented during her toast that the couple had picked out all four hours of music I chimed in with: “five hours actually.”  And while most of the music they selected was good, solid party music, there were a few songs on the list that I questioned.  Did they want me to play Toto’s “Africa” during dinner, for example?  And where could I hide “Walking on Broken Glass” so as not to clear the floor.  “Oh, No!” they insisted.  “We LOVE these songs and will dance to them!”  Ok then, I thought, let’s see about that.  Well, that’s how great a party Jimmy and Alex threw.  Even “Africa” and “Walking on Broken Glass” and Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On” kept the dance floor packed!

I had the pleasure of working with Dan from Lloyd’s Fine Photography.  I bump into Dan from time to time out in the field and we always get along well and enjoy working with each other.  This night was no exception.   I asked him after the wedding if he could send me some images that captured the energy on the dance floor and he provided me with this awesome collage:

I was so happy to be a part of this great celebration.  I know Jimmy and Alex are beginning their married life by settling down in Maryland but I hope some of their friends and family members book me for their future events so I can this special couple again.  Congratulations Jimmy and Alex!


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