8 Reasons to Throw a Party for Your Staff

8 Reasons to Throw a Party for Your Staff

1172stewart081812Ok I realize the premise of this blog is pretty self-serving:  a DJ company explaining why it’s good to throw a staff party . . . that’s like a personal trainer explaining why it’s important to work out.  Yet, as we all know, it IS important to work out.  So just because the message is coming from someone who could possibly benefit from that message, doesn’t take away from the truth in that message.

So with that out of the way, here we go:  8 Reasons to Throw a Party for Your Staff!  Whether you’re thinking of a Holiday Party, End of the Year Celebration or a New Year Kickoff, we believe the benefits of hosting a party are well worth the cost and time to plan it.  We’ve seen it time and again with companies or groups whose annual events we’ve DJed for years (some for decades!)

1 – The Staff That Parties Together Stays Together.  You work side by side all year long and you’ve socialized a little outside of work too.  But nothing breaks down the barriers we put up at work like busting loose on the dance floor.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see which of your staff members can “cut a rug” and just the act of dancing and having a great time will bring them together like nothing else.

2 – Give Them Something to Talk About.  The workday after a staff party is always a riot, as everyone recaps the event and gets a great laugh out of reliving an awesome night.  This is the best kind of bonding any HR manager can hope for.

3 – Nothing Says “The Company Is Strong” Like a Celebration.  If you want to instill a sense of confidence in your staff, a feeling that they are working for a great company and the future looks bright, you can do it with quarterly reports or sales meetings, OR you can host a party.  The first way might show them the facts; the second way proves it to them.

4 – Acknowledge Your Leaders Publicly.  If you’ve got awards to give out or milestones to recognize – the very best way to do that is at a staff party.  It’s one thing to win “Sales Person of the Year” and be notified in the boss’ office.  It’s another to be handed the award at a party with your name announced and great music playing while you walk up to accept your plaque.  If you want to make your leaders feel great, give out their awards at a staff party!

5 – A Photo Booth Captures Great Memories.  Photo Booths are all the rage these days.  With good reason.  They are fun, interactive and capture pictures that will last forever.  If you’re throwing a staff party, and the budget allows for it, include a Photo Booth.   Everyone will get  their own strip of photos and at the end of the night YOU’LL get the digital copies of all those pictures.

6 – It Doesn’t Have to Be Over the Top.  We DJ at all types of staff parties.  Some are formal galas with a seated dinner and open bar while other others are less formal with a buffet and cash bar.  They all leave great impressions with the employees and can be fun and motivational.  So whatever the budget, a party is still a party!

7 – Call It Whatever You Want.  Years ago a staff party in December was called a “Christmas Party.”  When the PC police moved in we saw an evolution of that term to “Holiday Party.”  We’ve also seen variations on that like, “Winter Gala” or “Year End Celebration” or (in January) “Kick Off Party.”  We say, whatever you want to call it, a party is still a party.EFKNIDCJLK4OYC2CC51Q0BKMYJ5UNK3DSTSNXTVE3XYBETNP

8 – There’s No Better Way to Say Thank You.  Your staff works hard all year.  They go above and beyond and now you want to thank them.  Sure a bonus is nice, but it doesn’t do anything to bring the team together.  A staff party does.  A staff party is the perfect way to say Thanks AND have a bonding moment.

So there you have it.  And if I’ve convinced you, I hope you’ll consider an Elite Entertainer to help you throw that great party.  All of our DJs have great music, can MC and lead the party and will make sure everyone has a great time.  We’ve got years of experience and scores of companies that use us every year because they know they’ll get a great celebration.  Plus if you want any add-ons like a photo booth, cool lighting or plasma screens to show a year end re-cap video, we’ve got them all.  Just give us a call or drop us an email for pricing and available.


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