After Party Tips by Marshall Moore

After Party Tips by Marshall Moore

After Party!!!

The last song of the night has played and everyone has waved goodbye - now what?
The last song of the night has played and everyone has waved goodbye – now what?

In the last few years we have seen a surge in post Wedding & Event “After Parties”.  For the Bride & Groom it’s a time to unwind and have some time with their bridal party and usually closest family and friends.  For the guests it’s a time to get out of their dress or suit, get comfortable, and relax with the happy new couple.  Here are some suggestions for enjoying the post wedding merriment.

1. Keep it Simple…… There’s no need to plan a second elaborate party, the simpler the better.

2. Keep it Close…….. Are you getting married at a hotel that has a bar?…… Done!  Are you and your guests staying at a nearby hotel after your wedding?…. Done!  Anywhere with a bar that is close works.

3. Size Doesn’t Matter…. (pun intended)……… For this type of informal, come-if-you-want event, size isn’t relevant.  If 10 people show up awesome.  If 50 show up awesome.  no need to worry about how many people are there.

4. Cost = “$0.00” at least for yourself……. You also do not have to plan to pay for drinks/food for everyone.  Treat it as you would any other night out with friends & family!

5.  Length of Time….. Generally, these events go until the bar/lounge/restaurant closes, no need to set a time…  You can also make your exit anytime you want, usually with a standing ovation…..

The After Party: You don't have to party till only one of you is left standing.
The After Party: You don’t have to party till only one of you is left standing.

6. Invitations…… This is where we, as your Entertainer, can be very helpful.  As your wedding draws to a close and we are announcing, last song, shuttles, final few minutes, anything that happens at your wedding over the last 5-15 minutes, we can make mention over the microphone that there is an after party for anyone who wants to come at “name your place” after the final song of the night.  Then we can promote it again as we give you your final send off.

7. Have Fun!!!!!…. The most important advice is to have fun, keep your wedding dress/tux on or change into sweats or a post wedding outfit.   Hug all the people you didn’t get a chance to at your wedding.  Put a song on the jukebox that you have to hear.  Sit and reminisce over the night’s events.  Enjoy knowing all your hard work and planning is done, and now you and your new spouse are just like everyone else and enjoying time with friends!


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