Amy & Wayne – February 23, 2013 at the Venetian

With Elite being located in Monmouth County and our home base in Red Bank, we’re very blessed because within 15 to 20 miles of our office there are 10 very high-quality banquet halls that we work at often and are their recommended entertainment. Sometimes when you see that you have a wedding coming up far away, like 90 minutes away, you might roll your eyes, get into your car and say oh I’m going to hate this ride… but not when you’re working at the Venetian.

The Venetian is one of the halls in New Jersey where you know the food is great the staff is on point the place is beautiful and it’s a great room to have a party. On February 23 of 2013 I have a great honor to DJ Amy & Wayne Lee’s at the Venetian Garfield and the party was nothing ordinary.

Wayne and Amy had us provide the multimedia for their event with two plasma screen and they had reserved our standard two-person package I got to work with one of our up-and-coming headliners on this event Craig Haberstroh as my music mixer

Amy and Wayne were the dream DJ client in the sense that they said Dominic here are our Spotlight dances and our first dance and have fun do your thing. The told me, all we want or people out on the dance floor ¬†all night long. Guess what, that’s exactly what we did we had these people up and dancing basically right after they finished their first course all the way to the last song.

Tonights sound track consisted of everything from Frank Sinatra all the way to the other end of the musical spectrum where we were playing LMFAO and Lil Jon.

We have the dance floor popping early with great classic disco like I will survive and we are family later on in the night will remove this is the more current music like Thriftshop and even got a little down and dirty and pulled out turbulent

This event is what I call dynamite… not in the sense of it exploded or it was hot in the sense of we would’ve had to throw a stick of dynamite on the dance floor to get people off


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