And The Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award Goes To . . .


Or so it seems.

As the new year dawned our Facebook and Twitter feeds became cluttered with virtually every wedding professional we know announcing that they’d won this award.  Which means we either know all the best people, or Wedding Wire has adopted the New Age philosophy that everyone should get a trophy.  In New Jersey alone, a whopping 131 DJs took home the big prize this year.  So yippee for us . . . we’re among the top 131 DJ Companies in the state!

There was actually a time when the Wedding Wire recognition was a little more exclusive.  In fact in 2009, the first year they gave it out (they called it The Bride’s Choice Award back then), less than 20 DJ companies in New Jersey got the award.  Who knows why so many more companies win these days.  The cynic might say that Wedding Wire has found a way to monetize the award so the more winners means the more income . . . but hey, we’re not cynical so we wouldn’t say that.  But whatever the reason, what used to be an annual thrilling phone call (as in “Can you believe we won!”) has now turned into a nerve-racking experience (can you imagine being one of the few who doesn’t win?)

Which begs the question: is Wedding Wire still a viable place for future brides and grooms to go to check out a company’s reputation? Well the ubiquitous awards aside, we still think it is.  In fact, we proudly show you our most current stats (current as of the writing of this blog anyway) because, besides the 6 consecutive Choice Awards we’ve taken home (by our count there are only 11 DJ companies in the state that can make that claim), we think the other numbers are pretty impressive too.  660 reviews is the most of any DJ company in New Jersey.  And a 5.0 average is the highest you can get.

So if you’re looking for a company that does enough work to prove their excellence and reliability and professionalism time and time again, that also has the highest score you can possible achieve, we think you’ve found them.  In fact we think if you start reading our reviews, you’ll notice a trend.  “They took the time to listen.” “Our dance floor was filled all night.” “The “flow” of the night was seamless.” “Easy to work with.”  “They did everything we asked them to.” These are the types of comments that thrill us.

Almost every DJ can throw a fun party.  But to work closely with the bride and groom, to listen to them and understand their vision and then work hard to make that dream a reality . . . that takes a special kind of DJ.  An “Elite” DJ if you will.



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