Derrick & Lauren – June 1, 2013

So I packed the car with all my sound gear, picked up my dry cleaning, gassed up the car, picked up my co-pilot/assistant Marissa (Dj extraordinaire) and began our trip to Hamden CT for what would end up being an awe inspiring evening of love, laughter, a super amazing couple that I can now call friends, and of course a packed dance floor ALL NIGHT LONG!

Derrick & Lauren Wood were my focus for June 1, 2013. Their wedding was at a beautiful venue called Cascade. The staff was so friendly and inviting. Rosa & Alexi were just so fantastic to work with. They made sure we had anything we needed and were so very flexible with our agenda. I’m a Jersey Dj, born and raised at the jersey shore; nobody does weddings like we do in Jersey lol. So needless to say, the Cascade for this particular evening was going to operate like a Jersey wedding, and they were very accommodating. You see, Lauren had seen me a few years before at another wedding, her brother Adams which was here at the shore. I guess I did a great job because she took my card and told me that evening that I would one day be her Dj for her wedding. Well the day finally arrived and I couldn’t be more flattered and honored to be back with her entire family along with Derrick’s for their wedding day!

And so the night began with Lauren and all her beautiful bridesmaids busting into the ballroom greeting me with tons of excitement! She is a blast to be around and I’m sure she is truly the life of any party. Derrick too, just an awesome guy! They both complement each other so well and you could instantly see the chemistry between them. I did not meet them directly during the planning process so this was my first time meeting Derrick in person. We met online 3 weeks prior on BrideLive which is our online office that allows us to meet with our couples face to face. This adds tons of convenience and is a great time saver! Back to the party, their guests made their way into the ballroom after cocktail hour and both Marissa and I could see instantly that this was going to be an awesome evening! Guests dancing to their seats is usually a good indicator of a jammer in the making lol and boy was it ever! Introductions began with a bang as we introduced all the parents, then the Bridal Party stormed in with T.I’s “Bring Em Out”, and finally Derrick & Lauren psyched everyone out by sneaking in from the upstairs balcony and coming down the oval staircase to JayZ’s “We Run This Town”. All the family and friends showered them with applause as their first dance to Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love” began.

We could not have asked for a more energetic and dance crazed crowd. The dance floor was packed from the beginning to the end of the night! Lauren was literally all over the room, talking, dancing, getting lifted up by all her friends, and it was just awesome to see both my bride & groom tearing up the dance floor! I was also able to add some LIVE music during dinner. I must say I wasn’t sure if my signature NY State of Mind would go over well in CT. Well, I was shocked to see half the room stand up in applause. I was totally flattered of course. It felt so good to know, as Lauren put it, she imported me over state lines to throw an unforgettable wedding evening for her and her new husband. I’m pretty sure Marissa and I made that happen. Mission Accomplished.




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