Jay Thomson

Jay is one of the most sought after emcees not only at Elite, but in all New Jersey. He has taken home the coveted “DJ of the Year” award so often we might just name it after him eventually. Jay has been a part of the Elite Family since 1999 and his referrals keep our phones ringing all year long.

“What I truly love about what I do is the wonderful people I get to work with. My experiences as an entertainer have not only been thrilling but have helped shape who I am. You wait your entire life for your wedding day, anticipating, dreaming, planning secretly in your mind. YOU deserve the very best. I’m going to help create moments and memories that you, your family and friends will never forget.”

Jay takes the “customer service” part of being an Elite DJ to a whole new level. If you are looking for a DJ who’ll make your entertainment visions a reality, there is no better choice than Jay Thomson. Make sure to check out some of his testimonials to get a taste of just how awesome Jay is.


V-Logs are quick event recaps done in a montage format so you won’t hear much real audio but you’ll get a fast paced and fun overview of each party.


Our Live Audio videos are longer than our V-Logs and they feature actual audio from the event.  You’ll hear some or all of the bridal party introductions and then a variety of footage from the event.  Keep in mind that any song you hear may have been selected by that specific client and the music we play at your party will be approved by you.



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