Marshall Moore

Marshall already had years of DJing experience before he approached us to join our staff. He actually started in the business back in 1993. His love of both music and dancing brought him to DJing and he has enjoyed it since then  – his favorite quote is: “Music Makes the World Go Round.”   You can check out his MixCloud page by clicking here.  But he had always wanted more and so finally he made the call and has now joined the best DJ staff in all of New Jersey.

Marshall is a natural on the microphone. His voice is smooth and polished and he can command a room with his presence. Plus he knows what music to play and when to play it to get the most out of any crowd.

Marshall studied Business Management in school and now has a “day-job” at Etsy.  Marshall is also one of the long-suffering Mets fans on staff . . . why do we torture ourselves?

If we gave out annual awards for “nicest guy” Marshall would clean up! Since joining the staff he has established himself as one of those guys who just never says “No.” He is always looking to help out and when it comes to the customer service part of what we do, there is no one more accommodating.

Marshall is a popular DJ on the Elite Staff so if you want to reserve him for your date, call early.


V-Logs are quick event recaps done in a montage format so you won’t hear much real audio but you’ll get a fast paced and fun overview of each party.


Our Live Audio videos are longer than our V-Logs and they feature actual audio from the event.  You’ll hear some or all of the bridal party introductions and then a variety of footage from the event.  Keep in mind that any song you hear may have been selected by that specific client and the music we play at your party will be approved by you.



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