Mike Walter

What’s the only bad thing about owning a DJ company?

It’s that so many Brides and Grooms think you don’t do weddings anymore!

Trust us, Mike hasn’t hung up his microphone just yet. In fact he tells us, “Entertaining and DJing is still my passion. All the other stuff that comes along with owning a company is cool, but I got into this business years ago to interact with people and throw parties! That’s what I do.”

If you’d like to hear some of Mike’s mixing skills, click on either his MixCloud page or his SoundCloud page.

Recently Mike has begun officiating at wedding ceremonies as well. Click here to learn more about that.

A graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Mike has used his smooth MCing style and outgoing personality to forge a career as one of the nation’s top entertainers. He is a featured spokesperson at many of the area’s top Bridal Shows and has MCed at events including concerts, beauty pageants and fashion shows. He is also a seminar presenter at various DJ Expos across the country, sharing his knowledge and experience with other DJs in hopes of raising the industry to new heights of respect and professionalism. Along those lines Mike is also a contributing writer to a number of DJ Industry Publications like The Disc Jockey News. As owner of Elite Entertainment, Mike has guided the company since 1993. His vision for how Elite would be run has always been: “Our aim is to provide THE BEST customer service. I mean, even if a client doesn’t book with us, for whatever reason, we want them to walk away saying, ‘Wow Elite Entertainment is made up of great people.’ That’s our ultimate goal.”

Mike’s influence is seen best in the talent at Elite. He has personally trained every MC on staff. And though everyone takes on their own style eventually, it’s the core knowledge of the DJ business that Mike imparts to them that gets everyone started. The fringe benefit of all that training? Mike tells us: “I had read once that ‘to teach is to learn twice.’ And I can tell you flat out that that is true. From the very first MCs I trained to the current students I amNew Jersey Wedding DJ Mike Walter working with now, every training class teaches ME something about the business. It’s amazing!”

So when you think about what you want in the entertainer for your big day, ask yourself if these traits are important:

* An impeccable track record for providing excellent entertainment
* Over 25 years of experience
* A wealth of knowledge
* Someone who will work closely with you to bring the vision that you have for your big day to reality.




V-Logs are quick event recaps done in a montage format so you won’t hear much real audio but you’ll get a fast paced and fun overview of each party.




Our Live Audio videos are longer than our V-Logs and they feature actual audio from the event.  You’ll hear some or all of the bridal party introductions and then a variety of footage from the event.  Keep in mind that any song you hear may have been selected by that specific client and the music we play at your party will be approved by you.






A number of years ago, right after Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore, Mike Walter

had to step in at the last minute to officiate a wedding. The couple, Christine and Michael,

couldn’t legally get married because their municipal office had been closed from the storm and

they weren’t able to get a license. Still, they wanted to have a ceremony and at the last minute, at

Lisa Truesdale’s urging, Mike stepped in to run it. He found that his years of MCing and public

speaking came in handy and he was very comfortable in the role of officiant.


After the ceremony he thought, “that was cool. Maybe I ought to get my certificate to do those

legally.”And since the best way to do that is to become a “minister” Mike got himself ordained at

The Universal Life Church (and for $35 you can too!)

Certification for Marrying People
















Since then Mike has begun performing Wedding Ceremonies for some good friends. He works

very closely with them, interviewing the bride and groom separately and using their own words

to personalize the ceremony. He also encourages couples to write their own vows.

“I’ve seen tons of ceremonies as the DJ and sometimes I sit back there waiting to hit the

recessional song and I can lip sync with the officiant because the ceremony is so cookie-cutter.

Those aren’t the kinds of ceremonies I want to do.”

Mike's first
Mike’s first “Legal Ceremony” was for good friend’s Kim and Charlie
















Inspired by his own wedding ceremony which a good friend of his, Randy Bartlett (a DJ from

California) officiated, Mike wants each ceremony to be memorable. “Randy worked closely with

Kelly and me. He had some funny lines (especially poking fun at my Mets). And not that a

ceremony is a stand-up routine but laughter can help break the tension in the room.

People are understandably nervous but if you can make them smile and laugh, you can relax

everyone. That’s what Randy did so well and that’s what I hope to bring to my ceremonies.

Personalization, honesty and hopefully a little humor.”


When Jay Thomson and Marissa Crecca got married in Riviera Maya, Mexico they had Mike Walter officiate the ceremony
When Jay Thomson and Marissa Crecca got married in Riviera Maya, Mexico they asked Mike to officiate the ceremony




Here's What Kim and Charlie Thought About Mike's Officiating
Here’s What Kim and Charlie Thought About Mike’s Officiating


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