Dominic’s 2011 Wrap-Up

We are half way through December and I am heading into the final leg of holiday party season. After tonight, I only have one more holiday party and two more weddings before we end 2011. For me it has been a busy, crazy, and lucrative year. With my wedding coming up next year I overloaded my schedule to pay for my wedding. Needless to say, we are a little sleep deprived .

I worked all over NJ and a few out of state events this year, but out of the 10 events I did this month, 5 of them were at the English Manor. Actually the last holiday event I have this month is for the staff of the English Manor, Crystal Point, and Rosewood.

I think it’s fitting for me to end my year here, because for me working here is like the show “Cheers”- everyone here knows my name! As a DJ, I walk into the kitchen and the staff yells “Hey Dominic!”. I enter the ballroom and the wait staff says “YES! We have good music tonight!”. Debbie, the maitre’d, jokingly goes over her protocol and half way through stops giggles and says “You know what you’re doing”.

As a salesperson, the staff here is great to work with. Lisa, Nancy, Kelly,and everyone here go out of the way to help, educate, and wow their clients.

Maybe that is why I enjoy working here so much… The only way to describe the crew here at the English Manor…. “Class Act”.


Dominic Sestito


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