Elite’s Best of 2016 Mixes

Elite’s Best of 2016 Mixes

We put the call out to our staff asking for some “Best of the Year” mixes.  Six of our DJs submitted something.  And though we didn’t plan it this way, the mixes are as diverse as you can get.  Mike and Tom both went pretty commercial as did Marshall although with a heavy R&B and hip hop lean.  Young guns Alex and Thomas also offered mixes too although they dove into specific genre’s as did Kris Abrahamsen.  We released the mixes in the order we received them and as luck would have it, if you listen to them in order, they’re the perfect set.  Marshall gets you going, Mike and Tom hit you with some recognizable tunes, Alex and Kris give you a 2am nightclub feel and then Thomas eases you back down to earth with his “deep house” mix.

Here are links to all six with a little description from their makers:



“This mix is what 2016 sounded like in Brooklyn as a DJ, radio and online music listener and party and club goer.”

Marshall Moore

Click here for Marshall’s Mix


EliteEntertainment_mike-walter“Here’s a mix of some of my favorite tracks from 2016. Some were big hits that I played at a lot of my events, some were just songs I really dug this year but rarely (if ever) used. Like the opening track. I love everything Beck releases and his hip-hop send-up “Wow” was one of my favs this year. Used it to sound check a lot this year but never dropped it live. Also the Snakeships’ song “All My Friends” I haven’t been able to get out of my head all year. I love the way I was able to weave that in with “Cheap Thrills.” I probably broke the “never layer lyrics over lyrics” rule but I think I caught at least one “Friday night” line from both songs playing concurrently so I’ll take the broken rule.

I squeezed 60 songs in the first 75 minutes of this mix so it’s a lot of verse-chorus-out kind of mixing. Don’t always do that at events but it’s a technique that can be valuable when used properly. I did it here because I wanted to include a lot and not have a three hour mix.

Every song is from 2016 except the last one of course. Had to include a little tribute to my man Prince. There were lots of great moments in 2016 but April 21st will always be a sad day for all Prince fans. And then I got cute and tried to end the mix the way it began (with Beck) to kinda give a full circle thing.”   Click here for Mike’s mix.


“This year lower beats per minute were pretty popular. The dancehall reggae sound came back and even the EDM producers started making Moombahton which is basically EDM, Reggaeton and Dancehall mixed together. Here is an hour mix with full tracks of some of the more popular radio hits played at weddings.
Started at lower BPMs and worked my way up. Enjoy!”

Tom Monaco

Click here for Tom’s Mix



“The popularity of EDM continues to grow each year. This mix consists of all different sub-genres. There’s so many different sound of dance music , more sub-genres continue to be created each day! Can’t wait to hear that and more EDM in 2107!”

Alex Cameron

Click here for Alex’ mix



“Although I have a love for pretty much all things music, nothing really hits me as much as uplifting and higher BPM trance music. It’s not the kind of music you would hear anywhere near a typical wedding dance floor, but it’s perfect whenever I need a pick me up, whether I’m at the gym or running or just driving anywhere. Here’s some of my favorites from the last 12 months so I hope you’ll give it a listen and enjoy!”

Kris Abrahamsen

Click here for Kris’ mix




“My mix is all about the deep house that has come out this year, it’s all about the subtle vocals followed by deep sub bass reminiscent of the olden Chicago house days when you just closed your eyes and moved to the beat of the music. Vastly overshadowed by edm and its sub genre this digs down to its roots.”

Thomas Williams

Click here for Thomas’ mix


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