English Manor Wedding for Nicole and Craig

English Manor Wedding for Nicole and Craig

We had the honor and privilege of providing DJ, officiating and photography services for Nicole and Craig at The English Manor recently.  They were a fantastic couple and the night was a complete success.

Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_NicoleAndCraig2

Nicole and Craig had entrusted me to be their officiant as well as DJ which was so awesome.  I worked with them closely to craft their ceremony and things went so well that during cocktail hour one of their guests asked me if I was related to the bride or groom.  When I said I wasn’t he said, “wow that’s amazing, you told their love story so well during the ceremony I thought you must have known them for years.”  That was an extremely nice compliment.  One of my goals when I officiate is to have a few laugh lines in the script.  Brides and grooms can be nervous when they stand up there in front of their family and friends and I find that laughing can break that tension and set everyone at ease.  I love these shots because they show I was able to accomplish that


Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_NicoleAndCraig4Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_NicoleAndCraig3

Cyndi and Jen from Elite Digital Images took all the pictures.  I’ve included a few in this blog.  To see even more head to their album on Facebook.

Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_NicoleAndCraig5 Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_NicoleAndCraig6

Nicole and Craig happened to get married on the day of the first snow of the season.  It was the perfect amount of snow because it didn’t hinder anyone’s transportation but it turned The English Manor into a Winter Wonderland.  Look how beautiful:

Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_NicoleAndCraig7

Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_NicoleAndCraig11

And of course one of the things I love about working with the great photographers from Elite Digital Images is they always get some cool shots of me “in action.”


Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_NicoleAndCraig8Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_NicoleAndCraig9Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_NicoleAndCraig10

So what did Nicole and Craig think about their wedding?  Good question!  Here’s Nicole’s WeddingWire review:

Mike Walter Wedding Wire Review from Nicole and Craig




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