English Manor Wedding for Rachel and Scott

English Manor Wedding for Rachel and Scott

It was our true honor to provide the entertainment and photography services at Rachel and Scott‘s December wedding at The English Manor.  Dan Fumosa along with Melissa provided the music and MCing and Lynn and Chris from Elite Digital Images took all the pictures.

Love these pictures from the ceremony!  In order to get into the Holiday spirit Rachel and Scott used a lot of Trans-Siberian Orchestra for their ceremony and introduction music

Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott1Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott2Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott3

So many great spots at the English Manor for outdoor shots.  We’ve include a few of the pictures Lynn and Chris got in this blog.  To see even more head to Rachel and Scott’s album on Facebook Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott4Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott16 Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott15

After cocktail hour it was time for Rachel and Scott’s grand entrance.  Look how excited they were

Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott5
Rachel and Scott’s first dance was Chris Young’s “Who I Am With You.

Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott6Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott7

Dan tells us that two main things stand out about this wedding.  1- Rachel and Scott are Dream Theater fans (which is Dan’s favorite band and usually no one ever knows them) so Dan got to play a song from them during dinner (“Another Day”)

2 Rachel sang “Defying Gravity” after dinner as a slow dance to open the dance floor.  Here she is belting it out:


Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott10


After the formalities it was party time!


Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott8Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott9Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott11Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott12Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott13Elite Entertainment_ NJWedding_ EliteDigitalImages_EnglishManor_RachelandScott14



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