Friday the 13th is GOOD Luck for this Couple

When you see a Friday the 13th wedding on your schedule you think: “Well here’s a couple that’s not superstitious”. But as I found out at Alyse and Justin’s wedding it was more than that. Friday the 13th, for this couple, had proven to be a day of good luck. And when they planned their wedding it was the only day they could imagine getting married on.

With a ceremony planned for the beach at The Water’s Edge in Sea Bright, weather was a crucial element to success on this day. As it turned out, Friday the 13th would again work in Alyse and Justin’s favor. The weather was perfect and the covering of clouds even provided a little respite from the scorching sun that broke through from time to time. Alyse wanted her Processional song to be “Marry Me” by Train and she and her father timed it perfectly, walking down the steps of the seawall and then down the aisle slow enough that Adam Levine got to sing that beautiful chorus before we faded the song and their ceremony began.

After the ceremony we provided a mix of summer music to compliment their beach themed reception. Everything from some steel drum songs to classic Bob Marley and Beach Boys to Kenny Chesney’s tropical infused country songs. Then it was time to move upstairs and get the party going.

After high energy introductions and a great first dance which featured Alyse and Justin singing every word of Brad Paisley’s “Then” to each other, it was time for the toasts. And this is where we found out the significance of Friday the 13th. Justin’s father Ron (who was also the Best Man) mentioned that their first date was on a Friday the 13th. And since that obviously worked out so well, they decided to plan their wedding on another Friday the 13th. That made me smile ear to ear when I heard it.

Soon after it was our time to open the dance floor. Sometimes afternoon parties can be slow to start but not this one. From our first dance set we had a packed floor. The feeling of true joy was evident in the room all day. You could tell everyone was happy to be a part of this special celebration. And when Alyse’s brother asked me if he could borrow my microphone for a “sing off” I was happy to accommodate. The fact that the sing off featured two guys and an Adele song only made it more entertaining. Alyse sent me a photo of this after and said she loved the expression on my face and assistant Richard’s face.  We do indeed look like we’re enjoying ourselves.

Speaking of photos, I had the absolute pleasure of working with Amanda from Swoon Over It Photography.  Amanda shoots out of Philadelphia so anyone from south Jersey or PA should definitely check her out.  She did something I see so few photographers do: she stayed to the very end of the reception.  And good thing she did too, because during the last song of the party Justin lifted Alyse off her feet and Amanda was there to get the shot.  That’s a precious moment that so many photographers might have missed.

All in all it was an awesome celebration for a wonderful couple who not only aren’t superstitious, but who believe Friday the 13th is their good luck day. Here’s wishing them a lifetime of Happy Friday the 13ths.


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