How to select the right DJ company…

How to select the right DJ company…

26c26d0ea9c6fc185e9a7b298374a88d_you-are-stupid-clipart-clipart-for-thinking_1148-1149Wedding planning can be quite overwhelming at times, especially when it comes to choosing things like the site for the reception or your entertainment. We 100% encourage couples to do as much research as possible and find the company that makes you the most comfortable and is the best fit. If you’re unsure of what to look for, here are some questions you can ask to help narrow down your options:

Are they a full-time company, with an office location and full-time office staff?

Are you able to see them perform live?

Are they recommended by your hall?

Can they show you work they have done in you room?

Are they reviewed online? How many times? How often? and How well are they rated?

How long have then been in business?

Do they have insurance?

Do you get to choose your DJ or do they assign someone to your event? Can you meet with that person before reserving them?

Do they have one-on-one planning with your specific DJ?

Do they offer on line planning with access to 60,000+ songs?

Are they willing to break the mold of a typical wedding to make your affair unique?
But most importantly are you getting a great VALUE for what you are spending. Everyone knows why Mercedes-Benz is a better value then a, well you can fill in your own answer here… LOL… The point is the service industry is the same way, you get what you pay for!Awesome Slider Pic 16


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