Jamie and Steve’s Gothic Vintage Wedding

Jamie and Steve’s Gothic Vintage Wedding
Jamie and Steve's Wedding Ceremony
Jamie and Steve’s Wedding Ceremony

Jamie and Steve had a great theme for their wedding that fit them perfectly: “Gothic Vintage Elegance.”  One look at Jamie’s handbag said it all.  A diamond encrusted skull from Las Vegas.  Yeah, that’s the kind of night it was going to be!

It was another unseasonably warm late November day which allowed us to have their wedding ceremony outdoors.  And let me tell you, it was incredible! The wedding was

Jamie's handbag said it all!
Jamie’s handbag said it all!

held at the Liberty House in Jersey City and there’s no better backdrop then the skyline of New York City.   Jamie and Steve had asked me to be their officiant as well as their DJ and MC and just being out there with New York City behind us was amazing.  As I always do when I’m performing the ceremony I had interviewed Jamie and Steve prior to the wedding and personalized their ceremony by telling their unique love story.  As a DJ I have sat in the back of wedding ceremonies for years and years waiting to hit the recessional song and never hearing one thing personal about the couple.  When I started performing ceremonies I told myself I would never do that.  Every ceremony should be unique to each specific couple and I did my best to tell Jamie and Steve story because it truly is a great one.  Based on the review they gave me on WeddingWire I accomplished that goal!

For the reception Jamie and Steve had one goal: a big party!  And we did our part.  I worked with Alex Cameron as my assistant and Jon Zemak as my lighting tech and we kept everyone rocking for five hours!  Chris Marconi was their photographer.  I hadn’t worked with him in a while so it was great to catch up.  I also worked with two videographers from Cinemabride who did an awesome job capturing the energy of the day.   They’ve already edited a quick recap of the wedding which you can see by clicking here.  And Jamie and Steve had also hired Racheal and her great team from Glass Slipper Weddings and Events to coordinate the day.  I always love working with Rachael and know things will flow smoothly when she’s there.

Just one of the cool signs

Jamie and Steve had a number of different signs around their room that were funny and that encouraged their guests to drink and celebrate.  Plus Jamie welcomed everyone early in the night and told everyone about a new wrinkle they were introducing at their wedding.  If their guests tapped their glasses to have Jamie and Steve kiss, then I would play the chorus of LMFAO’s “Shots” and everyone would have to take a shot.  I wound up dropping “shots shots shots shots!” about a half a dozen times at their wedding!  I’m glad I was DJing and not drinking because I can’t handle my liquor as well as most of their guests.

Jamie and Steve offered me this awesome WeddingWire review.  I am so happy and proud that they were so satisfied with all my hard work!


And finally I wanted to share this amazing picture that Chris Marconi put on Facebook.  Here’s Jamie with the skyline behind her holding that cool pocketbook.  Chris is a great photographer and I’m sure he got thousands of breathtaking images at Jamie and Steve’s wedding.  So this is just one example.



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